Press Release

****** We Standby Our Defence & Law & Order Forces*******

Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque, ex Head Department of Pathology, PIMS, Islamabad expressed PDF’s solidarity with the Defence & Law & Order Forces. He said that in the past we stood against military dictator Pervez Musharraf and other black sheep in various Institutions, however we are 100% with our forces who are apolitical and neutral who defend geographical & ideological frontiers of Pakistan! 

Attacking & burning various state buildings, police stations, police vehicles, private cars, ambulances, damaging equipments, stealing items etc. and attacking police officers by batons, stones and petrol bombs etc. is nothing but sheer 

anti-state and anti people terrorism, which we strongly denounce and condemn. The holy Quran regards such terrorism or “Fitna” graver crime than murder and recommend harshest punishment for the criminals! 

Prof. Haque said too much leniency toward such criminals in the past has encouraged them to undertake more of such heinous crimes. It’s no secret that most of these acts are foreign sponsored and financed. 

Since the financial loss ultimately will be on the poor people’s pockets, he said that all loses be meticulously calculated and recovered from criminals along with hefty fines plus other physical punishments! If we recover all the embezzlement money and terror damage money, foreign funds plus put exemplary fines on criminals, perhaps there will be no need to take loans from money landers! 

Prof. Haque demanded that organizations with such proven terrorist acts must be declared terrorist and banned just like Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, Sipah e Sahba and Sipah Muhammad (aka Anjuman Wahdat Ul Muslimeen; AWM)! 

Furthermore Prof. Haque asked Election Commission to declare such terrorists incompetent for participating in any elections! 

(Note Prof. Anwar Ul Haque had challenged dictator Musharraf for contesting election in uniform. PDF is an informal forum of like minded medical doctors who care for the  national health) 

Phone: 03335129849 


Al-Mustafa Towers F 10 Markaz, Islamabad 

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