Museum of Golden Age (1)

Although sciences were there from time immemorial! People were melting iron and copper, making alloys from time of Prophets Dawood (David) and Sulaiman (Solomon) and people were making giant boats and from the time of Prophet Noah (Peace be upon all of them)! However real Big Bang in sciences occurred when Muhammad (PBUH) was made by the God all mighty as His final true messenger and gave him the final divine book i.e; Quran. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left this world around 632 (After departure of Jesus (PBUH). The seeds put in the barren desert of Arabia started producing tall trees beginning late 7th century! Soon it was a lush green desert of tall and fruity and flowery trees, fruits of which are benefiting each and every human beings in todays world!

This is the most fascinating story of human history, unfortunately deliberately hid by evil forces based on their hatred and extreme biases. We believe as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) put truth is life and falsehood is death!

Like boat made by Noah was by the knowledge, material, wisdom imparted by the God all Mighty, melting Iron by Dawood (David) and melting Cooper by Sulaiman (Solomon) were also by the God and making alloy by Zulqarnain was also by the God! The Big Bang of sciences is by the God through effects of Quran and teaching of the Final Prophet (PBUH)

We will, the God willing , bring to some highlights of the Golden Age of Sciences & Humanity; where blending of humanity, ethics and sciences under true beliefs produced the most fascinating quantum leap in all spheres of human life and society!