President Trump’s State of the Union Speech; a mixed bag!

Out of two ‘evils’ President Trump may be regarded as lesser evil; but lesser with a narrow margin only😝! Hillary was no doubt a bigger evil! As the American media and politics is fully controlled by Zionists, truth is massively suppressed if it goes against Zionists! First a sticker of so called “Antisemitism” will be stuck on you and then not only media but even Wikipedia will smear your truth based comments to make naive Americans and Europeans totally confused!

The Zionist anti defamation league in many respect is Defamation League against Islam and Muslims! Why Zionists are so scared of Islam? The simple answer is Terrorists and evil mongers do not like those who can tie their hands and rescue humanity from their clutches! The blood suckers of humanity will not tolerate those who will stop them from sucking blood of poor! Unfortunately by and large Christian world has almost completely succumbed to the Zionists while Muslim world’s leadership to a great extent is also sold out, however there are significant number of Muslims who refuse to be afraid of Zionists and who have the guts to stand up against them! The reason for this strength is their connection with Allah ta’lah (the God all mighty) through Quran; the final and fully preserved and ever fresh divine book; a living miracle!

The Zionists are extremely stupid too as they are destroying their eternal hereafter for this temporary world, instead of reverting to the true religion of Moses and Aaron (Peace be upon them)! Current Islam is not a new religion; its the same religion or way of life from Adam to the last man! One can see the proofs from Muslims upholding of Abraham’s great belief and traditions like great sacrifice and Annual pilgrimage!

The Zionists know the strength of Quran very well however due to their utmost idiocy and greed they choose to oppose Quran rather than benefiting from the it and from the Muslim intellect. The same Quran laid down the foundation of all modern sciences!

The Zionists use their God gifted to create all kinds of schisms and conspiracies to not only defame Islam but also to rob USA and Europe! And then they have the guts to make fun of those who recognize their conspiracies as if these conspiracies never existed! Their lies not only penetrate the main media but also net encyclopedias like Wikipedia!

President Trump while criticizing so called ‘Radical Islam’ completely forgot to mention two worst State and Global Terrorists i.e. Israel and India! This selective amnesia and selective morality is amazing! The word Islam means Peace through submission to the God all Mighty! By very definition it can’t be radical! It’s neither too materialistic nor too spiritual; its the perfect and most healthy blend of the two! It conquers hearts 💞 through its most humanistic and God conscious teachings and abolishes slavery and alcoholism without sword! If Islam would have used sword there would have been no Hindu in India and no Christian or Jew in Spain where Muslims ruled for centuries!

Height of Trump hypocrisy is that he frequently utters God’s name! The God all mighty is absolutely just and honest! He will definitely not approve or like Trump’s utmost eccentricity and selected morality!

As a matter of fact ISIS, Daeesh, Bokoharam, 9/11, USS Liberty, Qadyanis, Bahais and al- Baghdadi are all Zionist creations! Killing of al-Baghdadi means removing his beard and so called Islamic attire only!

Rita Katz and her SITE organization is engaged in making fake videos using actors which are then released by main media as “News”! OBL’s fake videos are released by none other than Pentagon! OBL’s so called killing in Abbottabad was an other hilarious movie in which star actors were no other than Obama and Hillary! OBL had died long time ago from chronic kidney failure in Afghanistan! Drama of throwing his dead body in 1000 miles away ocean was simply to deprive people to confirm OBL through DNA test!

If Trump had slightest sense of accountability on the Day of Judgement, he would not have uttered lies! I admire his courage to call main media fake news but then he should not become fake himself by not condemning the Gravest Terrorists India and Israel and by defaming Islam which is the most anti terror and anti terrorist path of life, the path of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them)-

Fake OBL in Pentagon release Video
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