Why Imran Khan is arrested?

There are many cases of grave corruption against Imran Khan (IK) registered in which he had been dodging from appearing in the courts

Instead of normally receiving summons of the court, IK called in his violent supporters as well as terrorists from KPK who together threw stones, used batons to attack police officers and even threw petrol bombs on police! The violent crowd burnt police vehicles and threw in the canal!

IK was arrested today in case of Al-Qader trust. This is a case of 190 million £ corruption. This money was returned by British agencies to Pakistan Government to hand over this money to national treasury as it was stolen money laundered by notorious property tycoon Malik Riaz!

Instead of returning money to national treasury, IK and his mysterious mystical wife Bushra Bibi traded this money for acquiring a big piece of property and registered as Al-Qadir trust , a so called University on paper whose chiefs are IK and his wife. It was shown that there were only 20 students in the University

IK has taken 78% of 70 years IMF loan in just 3.5 years with worst possible terms! That had almost broken the back of poor Pakistanis! When IK was in power he put his political opponents without proving their alleged crimes.

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