Planned Terrorism: Similarity between Model Town & Punjab Assembly

What millions of people watched the brutal lawlessness and violence in Punjab Assembly during election of New Chief Minister of Punjab reminds us what had happened in Model Town several years back! The elections were being carried out on the orders of Lahore High Court!

The Courts order were deliberately subverted through a meticulously planned terrorist activity! The main architects of this subversive activity were no other than ex Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pervaiz Ilahi!

Mr. Imran Khan had done a similar activity in National Assembly on a move of no confidence against him! Through his juggler tactics he kept postponing the counting on no confidence move as it was plain and clear that he has lost the confidence of his own party’s member on very high inflation, unemployment and deteriorating law and order situation in the country!

Initially Imran tried till the last minute to win back his allies in the house! He travelled to Karachi to get back the support of MQM. There was no mention of any American conspiracy or USA threat to topple his Government! He then played religious and anti American card!

Now it seems that his visit to Russia one day before Putin’s brutal attack on Ukraine was the beginning of this drama! May there was collaboration between KGB and other Zionists patronizing Imran Khan’s regime from day 1, rather they brought him in power in first place!

Imran’s maternal ancestry has a century old relations with the Zionists! English colonial Zionists controlling Indian subcontinent were afraid of Muslim resistance and rebellion against them so they invented another religious cult known as Qadyaniat or so called Ahmadia Movement! The followers of this British sponsored cult call themselves as Ahmadi Muslims while Muslims call them Qadyanis or Mirzais! To get more information about Qadyanis and Imran’s link with Qadyanis, please see my blogs on this site

Earlier in 2018, Pakistan’s national elections by the military rulers, bureaucracy, courts and election commission rigged for Imran Khan! A rigging cell was created at GHQ which pressurized electable to join Imran’s PTI! Then on Election Day, representatives of various candidates were forced to leave polling stations! So that rigging could not be documented! No body was allowed to carry mobile phone etc. And the electronic system was made to fail

Thus Imran’s selected Government was implanted on Pakistan! However despite all support from deep state and establishment Imran has no guts and capability to run the Government! His miserable performance made him the most hated regime in the country!

Imran who had been a shrewd gambler and bluffer playboy in all his life then started drama of public gatherings and social media. He paid his party’s social media from exchequer! Robotic amplifications of tweets were carried out! In a county of over 220 millions it’s very easy to get a crowd of 15 to 25 thousands and with help of tactics such as placing chairs far and between with rapid movements of flags to give the false impression of big gatherings! People are brought from different cities! Musharraf was able to get crowds by paying them money and free lunch etc.

Prior to 2018 elections Imran and his allies carried out many terrorist activities with help of some black sheep in the institutions! These included attacks in Model Town against opening of a public highway illegally blocked by a notorious Tahir Ul Qadri who was abundantly funded by foreign powers! Pervaiz Ilahi sent some of his loyal men including some policemen and some in plain dress! Additionally State Television center, parliament, police stations were attacked. Police officers were beaten and one police officer Mr. Shaukat was killed by repeatedly striking his head by PTI and Qadri men! The sitting Government was helpless as powerful deep state and establishment were behind the terrorists! China’s president scheduled visit was postponed! Imran was clearly toeing CIA and Zionists’s agenda

There is profound similarity between between acts of terrorism in Punjab assembly and Model Town incidences! Miscreants in police uniforms were sent inside the Assembly Hall by Pervaiz Ilahi to create havocs! PTI and Pervaiz Ilahi member were given assignments to occupy Deputy Speaker’s rostrum and he was physically attacked! PTI women were attacking the women members of Muslim league and Peoples party!

Thanks Allah, all this mayhem and chaos were recorded and witnessed by millions of people! The prime purpose was to halt election of new chief minister of Punjab! Mr Pervez Ely could be seen encouraging rioters with thumb up gestures and was seen leading trouble makers into the assembly hall! One Punjab minister was seen kicking the police officer! Another woman was pulling officers and hitting them! They brought Lotas with the with permission of and planning of Mr Pervez Elahi! As mentioned before that the election of chief minister was being carried out on explicit orders of Lahore High Court! Both Imran regime and Pervaiz Ilahi showed no respect for the Courts, constitution and law! And Imran had nerve to claim that he has never violated the law!

In nutshell Mr Imran Khan is following the pattern of Adolf Hitler and trying to implant a dictatorial totalitarian regime to serve his Zionist masters! Pervaiz Elahi also has tract record of supporting dictators in uniform like Musharraf! They want to suppress media and implant a fascist regime! Attack on parliaments reminded us Trump supporters attacking Capital Hill on one hand and idea of electronic vote rigging machines is taken from rigging by Biden using machines!

Imran Khan has proven himself to be the biggest hypocrite, compulsive liar and sociopath. He is playing all kinds of tricks and cards. His children are being raised in a Zionist house and he supported and campaigned for Zac Goldsmith who published adds in London newspapers declaring all Muslims terrorists! He campaigned against a Pakistani descent Muhammad Sadiq in London Mayor Elections!

As always hypocrites speak very well and fool people! (1) They lie almost always and create mischief on earth! (2) Imran can fool a few but by and large majority of Pakistanis recognize him well; a fact which he knows well too and therefore trying hard to steal future elections and make Pakistan another Syria! But Allah’s plans are different! Pakistan, an Islamic State created on 27th Ramadan’s night, in Lailatul Qadr will be protected by Allah against all odds

Founder of Qadyan cult, fake prophet created by English Zionists! Qadyanis carried out espionage and other subversive activities in Muslim countries taking advantage of Muslim names and appearances
Pro Qadyani Sikhs in Qadyan, only 30 miles from Kartarpur! Imran created a visa free Qadyan Norawal Rahdari fooling people by naming it as Kartarpur Rahdari
Two spiritual and financial parents of Imran Niazi and his maternal ancestors
Imran’s maternal great great grandfather Munshi Gohar Ali on 15th number, believer in fake prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Pervaiz Elahi main architect of Model Town and Punjab assembly Terrorist attacks, trying to fool people by acting as a victim
Pinki Peerni through her friend involved in maga corruption on taking huge bribery & appointing corrupt and incompetent people at key positions
An excellent book on Qadyanis’ clandestine actions in Pakistan and other Muslim countries
Imran Niazi with a notorious sex trafficker; person is recognized with company he keeps
KTVofficial: an excellent source of information about Qadyani cult

References: 1: Surah Al alMunafuqoon (63 Quran)!- Surah alBaqrah 2: Quran Atas 8-18 )

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