Pakistan’s Biggest Thief: Imran Niazi

Imran Khan has general impression of “Mr.Clean” . But this impression is far from truth! Imran Khan has proven himself to be the most corrupt person of Pakistan History!

Imran Khan’s corruption has many dimensions which includes his charity based institutions like Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Namal University, Bani Gala properties, foreign funding from Indians, Israelis, Kenyan Ismailis, Iran connected forces and many other

Apart from financial corruption Imran Khan had long history of moral and ethical corruption which range from not accepting his own daughter in California Court & refusal court order to submit his blood for DNA test, to his close friendship with sex trafficker etc!

He with help of a fraud religious scholar heavily funded by Western Tahir Ul Qadri and black sheep in administration Imran organized many terrorist activities which I have described in a my separate blog on this site

His corruption also involves in his compulsive lying, violation of constitutions, election rigging which involves stealing of 2018 elections through historical rigging with help of deep state and establishment and his abduction of Government election officers etc. Each one of these staggering corruption requires a full book

Several wealthy people were serving hus ATM machines I.e. taking care of all his expenses from his kitchen to travel to his Cocaine addiction to many other

Here we are presenting only one of thousands of his corruption with solid black and white proofs! Despite having this much wealth he always presented himself as simple person and bagging at every opportunity!

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