LGBT is unnatural and destructive for human Society! Human family is the most endangered species!

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) is absolutely against nature. Biologically it’s absurd! It’s against teachings of all messengers of the God including Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Jacob, Lot and Abraham (PBUT) Entire nation of Prophet Lot (PBUH) was destroyed for homosexuality; except the believers on account of homosexuality!

True religion is for construction of family and human society; and not for destruction. Homosexuality is Satanic way aiming at destroying home, family and human society making you miserable! To know the truth; study final ever preserved and ever fresh divine book Quran which is the cure of all diseases of heart (mind)

You can not be follower of Muhammad, Jesus and Moses (PBUT) and be a homo, bi or pan sexual at the same time! Shame on all those who have become the slaves of their worst enemy i.e Iblees (the Satan) at the same time. We know Satan caused expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise because he was jealous of man as man was made Governor on earth by imparting on him intellect and ability to learn, retain and reproduce knowledge and the God made everything to prostrate and obey human beings. Note here he refers to all mankind, both males and females and Satan refers to Iblees and his evil progeny as well as human beings who have become Satan by becoming slave servants of Satans!

Satan because of his arrogance is destined for eternal hell so he wants humans to go to hell! The caring God had sent messengers and divine books to save them. The final divine book Quran was given to the final prophet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and kept it ever fresh and fully protected in its original language! It’s dust and rust free thus it is a living miracle can be seen and tested any time anywhere!

It’s incumbent on all of us to join hands to fight these slaves of Satan to save our families and future generations! We are saving endangered species of animals, birds, fish etc. but the most endangered specie is human family! LGBT is simply antihumanism!

“We must fight together to save human family that is the most endangered specie”

Anwar Ul Haque

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