Christianity & Judaism

Torah was given to Moses and Injeel was to Jesus. Both were true messengers of the God all mighty. Since both were not the last messengers, their languages vanished with time.

Christianity (Islam of Jesus) was corrupted by the worst enemy of Jesus i.e. Paul. He adopted “Personality worship” to kill the message of Jesus. Many did not follow Paul including Saint Barnabas and all other disciples except one who betrayed Jesus and was hanged as God made him look like Jesus (Reference Gospel of Barnabas). Quran also says that Jesus was saved and was not crucified but it appeared to them!

Then God sent Muhammad s.a.w as the final messenger and hence his language and Quran were fully 100% preserved as promised by the God in Quran itself. So Quran is as fresh today as 1450 years back, not a change of single letter or word! Its a living miracle to be seen by all the people, anywhere in the world! There is no two versions of Quran and the language of Quran is free of dust and rust of time. Quran although a big book is easily memorized A-Z by even children again a miracle!

There is no contradiction between science and Quran. True religion i.e. Islam of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad is the same, no difference. Differences are due to man made changes! Muslims believe in all the God sent messengers and all divine books and we believe all children irrespective of religion are Muslims and they will enter paradise as they are innocent and following the commands of God i.e. nature but once they grow up some become disobedient and not peaceful.

Muslims are not “Muhammadan” i.e. we do not worship Muhammad s.a.w and we do NOT discriminate based on time, place and messengers. Many Muslims observe thanksgiving fast on Passover when God rescued Moses and his people whom we consider Muslims!

Unfortunately Zionists created racist book Talmud and buried Torah so they are no more Muslims. Out of all biographies of Jesus Gospel of Barnabas is most accurate however Paul had banned it since it would nullify Rabbi Paul’s conspiracy against Jesus and his righteous followers (Muslims or Unitarian Christians)! Bosnian Muslims are the descendants of those Muslims of Jesus or Unitarian Christians! Most Unitarian Christians were killed brutally by followers of Paul (Reference Blood on the Cross by Ahmed Thompson)

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