Fulfillment of prayers of Mary’s mother regarding Mary and Jesus (Peace be upon them)

Jesus was born from Virgin Mary! This was miracle to relieve Mary serving husband and child who was so cute and intelligent at birth that he spoke at birth as Prophet and intelligent person. This was the fulfillment of the prayer which Mary’s mother made when Mary was in her womb! 3rd part of prayer will be fulfilled when Jesus comes back and get married and have children as 3rd part of prayers relate to progeny of Jesus (PBUT)!

There is a beautiful Surah (chapter) titled Maryam (Mary) in Quran! Quran is the best place to know Jesus, his mother, his grand mother and maternal uncles!

Unfortunately Christians today are following Rabbi Paul who is now known as Saint Paul!! According to Encyclopedia Brittanica Paul was the bitterest enemy of Jesus!

After departure of Jesus Paul invented a Satanic clever way to destroy Jesus’ teachings and path by inventing his personality worship!

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