Dr. Abdul Qadeer’s Letter to Nawaz Sharif explains Everything

It was Nawaz Sharif’s determined decision despite the opposition of Qadyani ex army Chief Karamat Jahangir and also Naval Chief.

If there were any other including Musharraf, Zardari and Imran these blasts would have never occurred! They would have surrendered on on phone call and would have taken bribe!

Nawaz and Maryam must realize the real danger from Qadyanis. A religious cult created by Israel with support of Nehru! The purpose of this cult included helping Zionists and Brahmins to rule Pakistan just like Bahis in Iran, Alwites in Syria and Do-Namay in Turkey! These non Muslims work under Muslim name and hence they can not be termed “minority”! How a society can tolerate those working against it from within????

Many Qadyanis go to India via England. In England Indian visas are issued to them in brown envelope with no stamp on their Pakistan passport! They get necessary instruction and help from India! They come back from India vis England! Qadyanis are openly patronized by Israel throughout the world! Some 600 Qadyanis are in Israeli army. When Modi recently visited Israel Natanyahoo brought their leaders at the airport where they openly told Modi “We are with you, you know that”!

Imran Niazi’s maternal side is all Qadyanis! He has made movement of Qadyanis by creating Kartarpur rahdari; kartarpur is only 30 miles from Qadyan! These Qadyanis will be able to come to Pakistan without requiring Pakistani visa!

Imran has appointed Qadyanis on key positions. Qadyanis to be effective in undermining Pakistan hide their lives density and it is not easy to identify them. However if you knowledge of Quran and you are sensitive enough you will be able to recognize them.

According to Constitution it is essential to be Muslim to be PM, President, Army Chief, Air-force Chief, naval Chief etc and interior minister but we have seen clear violation of constitution many times!

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