What’s Amyloidosis; a disease Musharraf is sufferings from !

Allah (Meaning The God all mighty; One and Only true Creator of entire Universe and beyond and whatever is in it) has granted us life, all our requirements in the life and gave us good health; very few of us however thank Allah for His uncountable favors on us!

Allah has also created disease and death for good reasons! We all have a limited time and then we have to leave and appear on the Day of Judgement, accountable for all our deeds. This is however not the topic of my blog today. If you want to know more about these issues please go to Quran.com

Today my topic is the disease which Gen. Musharraf is suffering from! According to his family sources as widely reported in the press, he is suffering from Amyloidosis. So what’s Amyloidosis? Many people are curious about it. The medical community of course knows a lot about it, but my audience today is lay public in this regard so I will insha Allah ( the God willing) use very simple language so that everyone can understand it!

As the name suggest it has to do something with “Amyloid”, a misnomer term for a substance which was once thought to be a starch or carbohydrate that took the same color stain what starch used to take. However after some research it turned out to be that amyloid is not a specific substance but rather it is a specific form of physical nature of a substance like crystal, amorphous. In case of amyloid it is a noodles or ropes like substance comparing of thin, non branching ropes like substance. We all have such substances but our special Defence scavengers cells aka macrophages keep degrading and removing them to keep our cells functioning very effectively.

However, if the substance is produced in large quantities that overcome our macrophages then this material gets deposited in between cells of our different organs, literally strangulating them thus impairing the functions of that tissue and organ along with increasing the size and weight of the affected organs! This will lead to gradual and serious damage to these cells resulting in malfunctioning of multiple organs and ultimately to death! In some conditions the macrophages due to their inherent defect can not degrade normally produced substances. This happens in many different type of metabolic disorders which may be genetically transferred.

There are different types of Amyloid substances which is beyond the scope of this blog, but rather briefly we may say that these may be deposited in some immune disorders, some cancers and in some hormonal disorders!

To summarize amyloid substance is deposited in the form of long ropes in between the cells, strangulating, compressing and seriously impairing their functions, often gradually leading to the demise of the patient

One must not forget that man is very weak. Many serious disease can kill a person from within. Just look at the tiniest corona virus whose total world wide weight was less than 10 grams, took lives of millions. Hanging can be from within; each of every cell can be hanged if Allah wills!

Heart muscle cells are red while deposited and strangulated amyloid appears slightly refractive and bluish
Amyloid ropes (fibrils) affecting multiple organs

Amyloid is deposited between heart muscle cells

Multi organs malfunctions

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