The Modern Hospital Systems

The modern hospital system including its residency training programs and medical licensing is entirely Islamic! Muslims built magnificent hospitals when there were no such hospitals in the world! Their hospitals had separate wards managed by trained competent licensed doctors! These hospitals had beautiful herbal medicines gardens! Khalifa Walid founded medical licensing. He himself often sat on medical board to evaluate competence of physicians!

Muslim physicians and scientists carried out substantial basic research in all fields of medicine, discovered new therapies and surgeries! They made a lot of discoveries and corrected many blunders of Greek scientists!

As a first step they got translated all available literature in all languages. They meticulously studied them and rejected the wrong observations and deductions. These scientists were lucky enough to find most common conducive environment and the most generous patrons; thanks to the direct and profound effect of Quran e majeed and examples and teachings of the final prophet of Allah, Muhammad peace be upon him!

Hundreds of great physicians were born; however we will mention here a few one only along with their marvelous achievements!

Ibn e Sina’s al Qanoon fit Tib (the law of Medicine; wrongly translated as “Canon of Medicine”! Even Ibn e Sina’s name is distorted as Avesina! This book was standard textbook of medicine for over six hundred years in European Medical Colleges! And also At-Tasreef by Qasim Al Zahrawi remains standard text book of Surgery for 600 years!

Effects of Quran and the final Prophet (PBUH) did not limit to field of Medicine only; rather these affected all spheres of life and all levels of society! Insha Allah we will highly light these in our future blogs

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