Why Muslims Observing Thanksgiving Fasts over Passover

Many Muslims are observing 2 days of thanksgiving fast these days; 9th & 10 or 10th & 11th Muharram! Muharram is the first month of Islamic calendar!

You know why Muslims are observing 2 days of thanksgiving? Thanksgiving for what and for whom?

These are the days when the God rescued Moses (PBUH) and his people from pharaoh. Pharaoh had made Moses and Aaron’ nation slave and doing all kinds of injustices including at times killing their newborn sons.

But why Muslims are observing these days; why not Jews only, what Muslims had to do with Moses and his nation? Let me answer to the this question in the words of Muhammad (PBUH)! He said when he arrived in Madinah that we are closer to Moses than Jews who were observing one day of thanksgiving, so instead of one day we will observe two days of fasts!

Since then many Muslims all over the world observe two days of fasts. They observe the complete fast from sunrise to sunset; no water or another drink (Muslims do not drink alcohol or any other narcotics!)! or food or smoking etc. What relation then Muslim have with Moses, Aaron and his nation!?

To find it out the answer we will have to go back in the history. The children of Israel began from the Prophet Jacob, who was the grandson of Prophet Abraham! Jacob (Ya’qoob his proper name) had a title of Israel which means slave servant of the God! Now, Prophet Abraham (His proper name is Ibrahim) built Ka’bah; th e.g. House of Worship to one and only God! You know who visit every year to this Ka’bah for pilgrimage; 2 millions Muslims visit every year there for pilgrimage.

The point is Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and all his children were Muslims!

Then when did they became Jew? Well Bani Israel had twelve tribes which used to fight all the time. They even abducted people of other tribe! At time they drifted away so much that at some times of their history they began worshipping golden calf and later a real golden bull! That gave rise to term Holly Cow! Worshipping cow is a pagan worship which still quite prevalent in India today!

The tribe which emerged as most powerful was Yahuda, this name became the name of all the tribes which gradually converted into Jews!

The most honored Chief of Jews of Madinah Abdullah Salam reverted to Islam!

Finally it should be clear that Islam began with first man Adam on this plant approximately about 10,000 years back. Muhammad (PBUH) was the final messenger of Islam! And since he was the final messenger of the God it’s is understandable that the all caring God freeze the language of this final divine book and it is still as fresh, as fragrant and as motivating as on Day one! Jews were once upon a time they were chosen in terms of role model as they had Torah! As they abandoned Torah, they are no more chosen! Now Muslims are chosen role model as they have Quran in their hands unchanged; no two versions and. Translations are never equal to original!

So Muslims love and respect all true messengers of the God, they consider them Muslimsc which literally mean Obedient of the God and peaceful!

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