Dr. Zafar Mirza and Dr. Shamsa

Dr Zafar Mirza was never a regional coordinator or global adviser in WHO. He was a mid career level employee in P-5 for advocacy in Egypt. He was a frequent visitor to Tel Aviv.
He has appointed one of his old friend Sultan Ghani in DRAP. He has been appointed at a salary of 1.5 million without advertisement. He is an employee of his NGO Consumer network. He is managing medicine mafia in Pakistan.
He patronised smuggling of masks from Pakistan at the time we needed it most. He smuggled 2 Crore masks and PPEs. Due to his smuggling our doctors suffered and turned COVID 19 positive. FIA is investigating him for this crime. Through Sultan Ghani, Dr Mirza manipulates drug pricing.
***He dismissed Dr Obaid Ali of regulatory authority who pointed out his corruption in national and international press.

*** Dr Mirza is still an employee of WHO. He appointed eight advisors, employees of his NGO without seeking approval of PM. He is paying them through WHO and other UN agencies misusing his office and without any advertisement.
He did not advertise any position that he has recruited.
*** Dr Mirza is recipient of kickbacks from EPI through Mr Arshad Chandio in purchases.
There is a long list of his financial corruption.
He is running his NGO Consumer Network and minting money through this.
He is responsible for pmdc fiasco.
He has a friend Dr Shamsa and his desire is to appoint a grade 19 officer Dr Rizwan Hameed Malik, her brother in law as Executive Director PIMS in place of Dr Ansar Maqsood which is a grade 21 position.
Supreme Court has rightly questioned his ability and integrity.

You know Dr. Shamsa is diehard Qadyani just like Dr. Rizwan Hameed. Pakistan is now in full control of Qadyanis. Imran’s maternal grand father and grand grand father were diehard Qadyanis. Qadyanis in media are backing Zafar

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