28th May: When the Mountains turned Gold! Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

The day the mountain turned Gold

Illuminated by a decision so brave & bold

Our Nuclear Program could not be rolled

And we shall keep all enemies at hold!

Lucky were we, as we didn’t have

A military dictator eager to “behave”!

Or a Mir Jafar or Mir Sadiq ready to bow

And let National interest shelve!

Qadeer Khan felt the throbbing pain

Seeing Fall of Dacca on silver screen

Blackest & bleakest spot in Muslim history

We mustn’t let the lesson go in vain

With enthusiasm, planning, hard work and honesty

We earned the grace and majesty

Pakistan is the Nuclear Power of dignity

With a peace bomb of safeguard and sovereignty

With Sharif’s decision, the Mountains turned Gold

With the roaring Allah-o-Akbar sound!

It was a signal for peace around

Evil got defeated and the nation crowned

We must feel human sufferings & pains

From Palestine to Kashmir with no restrains

Let’s fully support the honor & dignity of Vote

And free Pak land from Zionist shackles & chains!

We must try to get released all innocents

From terrorism across the World

May that be individual, state or global!

Brave, Bold & Honest with Vision must lead!

Hold firmly Allah’s Majestic Quran

The rope hanging from skies, the Furqan

To connect with Allah & unite us all

Soon we shall be out of quicksand

Quran; Moses’s miraculous stick

To send all the snakes back

To make the path in the ocean

And to drown Pharaoh & alike!

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