Modi locked down Kashmir, now entire India is locked down! But the God all Mighty is not asleep!

Modi locked down Kashmir, now entire India is locked down! Indian Government carried out brutal state terrorism against Muslims and other minorities not only in Kashmir but also in India itself

Modi’s state terrorism reminds us the apartheid in Palestine and Bashar Asad’s state terrorism in Syria. So called civilized countries instead of stopping these carnages they backed the State Terrorists!

How can we forget the cries of the football playing teenagers whose bones are broken by under training Israeli soldiers to make them hard hearted.

How can we forget the cries of an innocent 11 year old girl who was axed by a gang of many? Young girls were gang raped right in front of big crowds!

Then we saw demolition of Mosques where only the God alone is worshiped. We saw burning of homes by crowds of “peaceful” Buddhists! Some remained dumb and deaf as they had lollipop of so called Nobel Prize for Peace!

Then there were ISIS and Bokoharam type organizations created purely to kill innocent and simultaneously defame Islam and Muslim while Muslims were the main target of their killings! One does not need high IQ to understand who are behind these Satanic terrorism!

Then comes another smart way of making big bucks i.e. massive heroin trafficking from Afghanistan under direct patronage of NATO! A UN report estimated an annual 62 billion $ heroin growth in NATO controlled areas. Who are the victims of this heroin, the citizens of the same very countries which patronize NATO! And now almost every intelligent person knows that 9/11 was created to justify NATO attack on Afghanistan for massive heroin trafficking!

We may all be sleeping but the God doesn’t sleep nor somber. The God was and is watching all these heinous crimes He showed us how man and “mighty” powers are so weak and vulnerable! A tiny virus much much smaller than a bacteria has the capacity to bring the entire world to their kneel. Another tiny virus caused AIDS and shook the world!

The status of Governor on earth carries lot of responsibility. Angels are bowing us and help us in carrying out “miracles” day and night but this requires a lot of moral and ethical responsibilities! This world we leave when our turn comes to say good bye but that is not end rather that’s beginning. That journey will have a very serious accountability; where we will be asked “Why were you deaf, dumb and blind”.

Its high time we take control of ourselves! If someone calls us a pig or a dog we don’t like that although we have many things common with those animals but some among us don’t hesitate to disrespect and degrade the God all Mighty by reducing him to a human being, animal or a piece of sand.

We must not forget that day when each of us will have a necklace carrying videos of entire life! But it will be simply toooooo late! We may not be guilty of commission but we wer certainly guilty of omission by not raising our voice against the global and state terrorism. From Dr. Aafia to Rachel Corrie, From Muhammad Slameh to numerous unsung victims of brute terrorism deserved our support; that may be world’s largest jails i.e. Palestine, Kashmir and India.

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