Rachel Corrie Symbol of Courage & Humanity


Israel has lost the war!

Anwar Ul Haque, MD

Goliath, Pharaoh, Nimrod met their fate!

Killed, drowned, died in the most miserable way!

A few believers led them to their demise!

To many astonished, shocked & surprise!

Free countries in the world! All right!

Gaza and Afghanistan, taller than life!

Neither bowing, nor taking dictations

Defeated NATO & Israel with all world Might

Israel today stands naked & exposed!

2nd to none in lies, fabrications & cowardice!

We salute to brave mothers & little children of Gaza!

They have added the best Jewels to the blessed land!

Their fragrant blood mixed with that of Rachel Corrie!

Soon this land will be cleansed from worst beasts!

New olive trees of peace will grow

Breeze of love, tranquility, serenity will blow

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