American Government is planning to snatch eyes, ears, minds and tongues of Americans!

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

The rays of light kill darkness!
Join Movement for justice & merit (M4JM) for good governance! (

America (n Government) is scared of Truth. Obama is forced by Zionists to de-prive common Americans from Truth through the Internet!
American people are deprived from seeing, hearing and speaking the truth in a country which claims to be the champion of democracy and human rights. The print media in America is almost totally in control of Zionists. There are very few newspapers coming from each city and most are owned by very few groups dominated by Zionists! Kansas City time and Kansas City Star are located in the same building (At least during my time in USA) and are owned by the same company which owned TIMES and had partners common with CNN.
Many of these owners also owned hospitals (Even so called Christian hospitals like Mercy Hospital Des Moines Iowa) and big malls like Yonkers stores etc. So if Zionists want they can make Americans believe that Sun this morning arose from West instead of East! The Zionists are proud of controlling American public’s ears, eyes and tongues. They should in reality be ashamed of themselves for hiding and concealing truth and spreading lies. But they are not. This is simply not their nature. The Satan has taken over them completely and hence they see all their dirty and negative acts as pleasing and feel proud on committing them.
American Senate and Congress are considering a bill favorably to allow Obama to curb the liberties and basic human rights of Americans The internet has provided Americans an alternate medium to hear and see the truth which is essential in order to speak the truth. Most deaf are dumb too! The Zionists can’t tolerate free internet as these cockroaches survive in dark gutters. The light of truth kills the darkness and hence survival of cockroaches and other bacteria become really difficult in sunshine. The Zionists know very well in their heart that all their schisms and conspiracies can be easily detected by wise people of true faith, so they spread so many lies with biased media under their control.
The internet has brought a chance to see truth themselves! They don’t want to let people to see and hear truth.
Who is afraid of Truth?
Truth is scary thing for fraudulent people. Thieves are always lie and conceal the things. You look at the Zion-ist organizations; all are secret! They do not allow women to be their members Why? They consider that women will reveal their secret. Don’t buy the crap of lioness club. Lio-ness club’s sphere is non political like charity work, recipes, fashion shows , dresses etc. When President Kennedy openly spoke against these secret matters he was shot dead and Israel brought Johnson as President of USA whom it has successfully planted as Vice President of USA! Johnson was so loyal to Israeli masters that he did not even help the wounded persons of USS Liberty. USS Liberty was attacked on 8th June 1967 deliberately by Israel in open sea clearly knowing American ship as it was in active communication. The attack led to murder of 34 US naval officers and wounding of 171. Jonson and McNamara did not urgently sent USA planes to help American. So far no congressional inquiry carried out in this matter. Like USA, UK is after truth. It has banned entry of Zakir Naik while it has given the citizenship and full support to Pakistan’s # 1 Terrorist Altaf Hussain who

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