Muslims are NOT terrorists؛ they are on the receiving end of terrorism! Massive Gross Defamation of Islam & Muslims by worst terrorists! Ever thought why?

This man killed tens of innocent Muslims a few years back and how he is punished? A jail with all conceivable luxuries

From Palestine to Iraq to Libya to Syria to Burma to Kashmir to Afghanistan Muslims are on receiving end of terrorism! Not only in these lands but also in countries like USA, France, Germany, Holland and New Zealand Muslims are the victims and the amazing thing is the victims are portrayed as “Terrorists” thanks to powerful schisms, media and the Governments!

9/11 one year prior first attack on World Trade Center (WTC) was carried out by Josie Hadas, a Zionist undercover agent. She framed an innocent Palestinian driver Muhammad Slameh to rent a Ryder Van for her. She used this without knowledge of Slameh to bomb & kill 4 Americans; CNN in breaking News showed her apartment having bomb material and blue prints but the result? Josie Hudas Safe and enjoying life in Israel while Slameh in maximum confinement prison for 86 years and massive gross defamation of Islam and Muslims!

Factory for churning fake videos which are then carried as “News” by world media!
Real OBL
Fake OBL: Compare yourself! Video released by none other than Pentagon

When State Terrorists are scared from a book known as Quran, then we must be intelligent enough to know that there is something in the book that can liberate mankind from the clutches of State and World Terrorists. Don’t we owe to ourselves to study this book; which is unique that it’s absolutely preserved and still as fresh as 1450 years back in its original langue, a phenomenon not doable by all mankind together! Quran is the Final Devine book of the God all mighty in Hus own words! This is the best and the most useful gift from our Creator for our good. It provides guidance, courage, vision, tranquility and solves your problems and remove depression and anxiety. It directly connects you to your Creator and Creator of the entire Universe. By holding this firmly you are far above all the so called mighty forces of the world. Quran has same superiority over all books that the Creator all Mighty has over His creatures! Just think about it!