Mixed military and judicial martial law implanted most incompetent and the most dishonest Imran Khan on Pakistan

Imran Khan was brought by the corrupt and incompetent Generals and Judges! It was a mixed military & judicial martial law. A popular duly elected high performance Government was toppled and replaced by the most incompetent, dishonest, incompetent and hypocritical Government which believed in shear bluffing and fake propaganda. Military side has become neutral but judicial side is still active and mass murdering justice against people of Pakistan!

Imran Khan was portrayed as honest Mr. Clean turned out to be the most corrupt and the most dishonest. All honest, educated and informed people of Pakistan hate all those powers and forces who implanted this puppet and puppy on their heads!

Bought out media
Chief Justice’s daughter in Imran’s rallies
Imran Niazi’s Zionist puppy Qadyani connection
Niazi sold out Kashmir
Imran with Maxwell, the sex trader

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