Imran Khan: The Bull!

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi was brought in power by then Military, bureaucratic and Judicial establishment. Throughout his 3 1/2 year tenure he was fully supported by these in all his wrong deeds for example putting political opponents in jails for months and years without proving their crimes!

Now apparently military establishment is no longer supporting him but judicial and bureaucratic support for his all illegal, anti constitutional and terrorist activity is very much there!

He is sociopath, fascist and pathological liar! The naive people are literally worshipping him like Bani Israel secretly worshipped a handsome pitch yellow bull by making him ladla (spoiled brat) not taking any work from him (Ref: Surah Al-Baqra). In a way they were silently worshiping him! The term “holy cow” refers to it! And anybody who gets that treatment. The word cow refers to the class and not an individual; as a matter of fact children of Israel were silently worshipping a bull. Prior to this these people began worshiping a golden calf when Moses (PBUH) was summoned by the God! Quran says that this reverence for the calf was because of their bad acts and their disobedience to the God all Mighty. Some scholars speculate that this disease of worshipping an animal I.e; cow was acquired after seeing some Hindu pagans who worshiped cow!

There is no holy cow in Islam. Allah ordered Moses (PBUH) to tell his people to sacrifice that particular attractive bull! Initially Israelites tried very much to avoid obeying this command by posing question after question. How’re the God all Mighty literally put them against the wall and therefore they had no choice but to obey the command at last.

Those Israelites were so intrenched in their love and reverence for the bull that they thought it’s slaughter would bring some calamity upon them, but on the contrary its slaughter brought Allah’s mercy as it solved a murder problem and saved Bani Israel from further bloodshed among their 12 tribes.

For Pakistan Imran is that Bull. He is “Holy Cow” to many foolish people perhaps their own disobedience to Allah! Insha Allah his political eviction from Pak politics will bring mercy and blessings of Allah ta’lah on this nation

Depicting judicatory’s unfair and dishonest support for Imran who is regarded by many as Zionist puppet and puppy
Many consider him a minor anti- Christ! Before end times several minor Antichrist are expected to show up!
These judges almost always serve Imran’s interests and hence often referred as “Imrando Judges”
Justice Naqvi who had been found entrenched into mega corruption but he is still included in benches dealing with Imran Khan
The families of these judges are strongly supporting Imran. Here you can see Chief Justice Bandyal’ daughter with flags of z Imran’s party!

The ex chief justice Saqib Nisar and his associates also supported Imran right and left and illegally removed Nawaz Sharif on concealing a salary from his son which he never received. Every alleged criminal gets 2 chances of appeal but Sharif was denied even one chance! Finally a judge late Mr. Arshad Ali was blackmailed by his video with a prostitute to get Nawaz Sharif sentence. Later Justice Arshad regretted and admitted his wrong verdict. The judge was fired but his faulty decision was maintained!

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