Why I can’t support Imran Khan (IK) Niazi?

Dear brothers and sisters: with due respect, I never said that NS did not make mistakes or blunders! They did many times! Taking loans on interest and appointing Musharraf and Bajwa are examples of their blunders!

My reference and criteria is only Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) and nothing else! Why Abu Bakar and all companions r.a fought against Muslisma Kazzab? You can check yourself whom Qadyanis and Agha Khanis are supporting you will find out!

My choice is not Nawaz Sharif but a sincere, brave, practicing, visionary Muslim whosoever he may be. I follow the commands of Allah and the Prophet (PBUH), period! When I see worst hidden enemies supporting IK, I will NEVER support such person. When I see all Quranic and Prophetic description of diehard hypocrite in a person, I will NEVER support that person because Allah has ordered us clearly to fight such persons and be strong against them! If I don’t do this, I God forbid will violate Allah’s commands which I can’t as Hereafter is immensely far more important for me!

Imran has all the characteristics of diehard hypocrite as mentioned in 2nd ruku of Surah Al Baqrah and Surah Al Munafiqoon etc. He can’t even read Quran and claims to create Riasat e Madina! What a joke!

He is current day Russian Rasputin or Hitler who had many followers! IK is definitely sociopath, ill character, most corrupt in all respects, absolutely dishonest, incompetent and fascist! He is inviting terrorists to attack police officers! How can we support such criminal?

He is backed by Zionists and Indian RAW with funding and social media as well as Qadyanis (a cult created by English Zionists to damage Muslims from inside) and Gohar Shahi, another London based anti Islam group!

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