Pak Army is apolitical now, however Pak judiciary needs to be apolitical too!

Raza Baqar is a diehard Qadyani with Iranian Jewish wife!
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, the false and fake prophet created by British Zionists as termite for Muslim Ummah, particularly Pakistan
Qadyanis at work!
Zionist single materialistic eye; the humanity eye is totally shut

I 100% agree that army must be apolitical! It is apolitical now and that’s not digested by Imran Khan who came through army and walked with their crutches!

Faiz Hamid, the most notorious Ex General “managed judges” etc to bring Imran Khan and put many innocent people for months and years in jails without proving their crime! He had full blessing and support of then Army Chief General Bajwa; both happened to be Qadyanis, a non Muslim cult created by colonial English Zionist rulers as hidden termites for Muslim Ummah just like Alvites of Syria.

Now there is no witch hunting, all false propaganda by IK social media; full of lies! IK does not appear before court when he is summoned! With help of terrorists from KP, he throws stones, petrol bombs etc on police who just wants to serve him summon! His terrorists burn Government and public vehicles and property! That is pure fassad which is a sign of hypocrites and disliked by Allah! When he comes to court he again brings a violent mob! In Islam and in all civilized societies you appear before court when you are summoned. To attack unarmed police and to create obstacles in justice is not acceptable. While he labels his party as tehreek e INSAF, but there is no INSAF altogether. Muslim rulers had been appearing in courts just like ordinary citizens! But not IK!

With help of the most corrupt judges he kept delaying court proceedings for example illegal funding by Israeli and Indian companies and individuals he delayed open and shut case for now more than 7 years!

It’s pity that because of sold out channels like ARY, BOL network and Dunya TV and social media as well as sold out journalists, people are vastly deceived. Now only those people are behind bar who were caught attacking police with video proofs! Imran has about 50 cases, mostly corruption cases but he is not in jail! If PTI people are arrested for investigations, they easily get bail in 3-4 days! Not like IK’s time when people were thrown in jails for many months and years without proving any crime.

Current army Chief was D.I G when he informed IK about massive corruption going on in his Government by Buzdar, Farah Gogi and Peerni. Instead thanking him IK made him removed from his post. IK tried everything to stop Asim Muneer to become army chief as he wanted the most corrupt Faiz Hameed to be the army chief! He is now trying very hard to involve Asim in politics but they refused. May Allah make us all to see the truth and bring the most honest, competent and visionary brave leadership for Muslim Ummah Aameen

Yes it’s a sad fact that Qadyanis like Alvites in Syria have deeply penetrated not only in armed forces but also in judiciary, media and bureaucracy! This is how Zionists control the world. I know so many of them. There are Muslims who will sell their Imaan and become Qadyani by marrying a Qadyani woman, at the time of marriage they convert you to Qadyani for example Musharraf’s wife is a diehard Qadyani from Kot Bari near Okara and her uncle Jamilur Rahman is Qadyani Chief of Okara. Gen. Karamat Jahangir is Qadyani from Sialkot. Ex naval chief Noman Bashir is Qadyani and his brother Salman Bashir and sister Zubaida Bashir were at very high positions in bureaucracy. Imran’s mother, maternal grandfather and grand grandfather were all Qadyanis and he appointed Qadyanis at key posts like Raza Baqar who has Iranian Jewish wife as Governor of State Bank who leaked all confidential CPECK details to IMF damaging our important project!

Yes Zionists have worked very hard for centuries and they are enjoying their fruits, we Muslims sat doing nothing after our Golden Age! It’s high time to wake up! Don’t buy media and social media; it’s mostly but not entirely lies like 9/11 which is Israeli act to create excuse to attack Afghanistan to restore heroin smuggling for Zionist drug mafia but Muslims were blamed and Islam held hostage!

Not only Qadyanis but also Ismailis and Freemasonry, Rotary and Lions’ club are Zionist organizations. Many of our Generals when on their training sessions abroad are lured to become members (slaves) of these organizations and many do become and thus start effectively serving their interest rather than their own nations!

IK propaganda is so strong that many people are literally worshipping him. To them his sajdah to grave doesn’t matter, his being Qadyani doesn’t matter, his immense corruption with all proofs doesn’t matter, his terrorism doesn’t matter, his Zina, his frequent lies, his Uturns doesn’t matter!

Muslims are supposed to make proper investigations before accepting news but we have left that habit and not only buy the lies but also spread to our friends! It’s duty of educated Muslims to safeguard Muslim ummah through Quran and the Prophet (PBUH). If we use these 2 criteria, insha Allah we will not go wrong and our problems will begin getting solved!

Zionist Qadyani Connection
Terrorist attack on PTV by Imran, Qadri, Pervez Ilahi and Monis Ilahi
Model Town Terrorism by Imran and Pervez
Hakeem Saeed was murdered for telling the truth
Imran Terrorism
Zionist terrorism against innocent children
Zionist terrorism against children
Zionist terrorism against helpless woman
Supreme Court judges directly responsible for this terrorism in Blue Area Islamabad
Qadyanis and pro Qadyani Sikhs in Qadyan near Kartarpur, East Punjab. Imran created easy passage between Kartarpur and Nariwal for Qadyanus
Rita Katz creates fake videos which are transmitted by media as news
OBL from a video released by none other than Pentagon. Compare the two pictures and see how American and other people are fooled by Zionists in American Government

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