Why this judgement is Not acceptable!

I do not not agree with the decision as it’s too superficial and doesn’t comprehend all the factors and future effects on transparent, fair elections, new constituencies etc.

The family members of these judges are actively involved in PTI like Saqib Nisar’s! The Chief justice has encroached upon not only on powers of election commission but also on finance and military.

The constitution gives right to Election Commission to change dates based on circumstances. Why the judges did not order elections on same date in KPK ! I think this is done deliberately to import terrorists from KP during Punjab elections! .

We are concerned about one or other political parties and I am not member of any political party, but our deep concern is Pakistan and its people. If we follow true justice only then Pakistan will survive.

The famous incidence of Hazrat Ali r.a must be remembered when a Jew stole his Zarra (Protective Shield in war). The Judge asked Ameer Ul Momineen to produce witnesses. He produce Hassan and Hussain r.a. The judge rejected saying sons’ witness is not acceptable in father’s case so his plea was rejected! This justice moved the thief who not only returned the good but also accepted Islam!

It’s a matter of great shame when we see our judiciary among top three most corrupt judiciaries. I think fault is not only with judiciary but also with our people who do not take decisions in light of Quran and the Sahib e Quran (PBUH). 3 or 4 month delay will not affect anyone’s popularity but it will assure transparent elections throughout country under neutral setup which is also a constitutional requirement.

When contesting party shows their no confidence in some judges, those judges themselves have enough self respect to leave the bench but not in Pakistan.
The demand for full court was quite valid in such an important constitutional matter and in my opinion new laws have to be made regarding dissolution of assemblies as in poor countries like Pakistan which are also facing terrorist attacks etc. it’s not easy to hold frequent elections.

The real solution is revamping current judicial system and its replacement with true Islamic system where judges must be appointed on Imaan, character, integrity and ability!
In our system many liar lawyers become judges!

Chief Justice’s daughter dancing in Imran Niazi’ political party gathering
With convicted sex criminal Maxwell

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