How absolutely innocent Dr. Aafia is brutally tortured in US jail

She has been repeatedly beaten, and she lost all her top front teeth when she was kicked in the face in one such incident. She is unique insofar as she seems to have been the only woman in the CIA Rendition-to-Torture programme. In the end she was rendered from Bagram prison in Afghanistan to the US and sentenced to 86 years under lock and key. She faces daily abuse in the US secret prison system, which she is meant to endure until about the year 2094.

For details :-

Dr. Aafia, a humble, brilliant PhD MIT, mother of 3 children was arrested by military dictator Musharraf and sold to USA on false and fake charge which held no water! But then a diehard Zionist judge sentenced her for 86 years in the most brutal jail! She was blamed that she with her young 3 innocent children; one only six month breast fed went to Kabul for Jihad against NATO forces occupying Afghanistan. Dr. Aafia doesn’t know a single word of Pushto or Persian and she is going for Jihad with 7, 3 and 1 1/2 year old is one of the most idiotic claims of the history. She was imprisoned with no fingerprint evidence on a gun allegedly she snatched from a six footer American soldier!

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