Our I’ll informed anchor persons

Many anchor persons blasts their audience with talks which on analysis turns out to be totally false. Many people don’t have time to investigate or don’t possess intellectual morality and ethics to see the truth!

Quran describes this phenomenon as Allah’s appointment of Satanic people to misguide dishonest people with charming arguments!

In order to see, listen, think and speak truth one required basic honesty! When Children of Israel lost this honesty, they started worshiping golden calf in absence of Prophet Moses and later a live my bull!

This dumb practice of worshipping animals (cow) and artificial calf made up of gold was actually due to their rejection of truth!

How to cleanse your heart and gain back you vision, hearing, tongue and mind? The answer is simple. We are lucky that our caring Creator & Sustainer and Caretaker has graciously has provided us a fully protected ever- fresh delightful guide book that not only provides the guided to the best way of living and success in both worlds, but also instills courage and vision to walk on that path

Path to success

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