Imran Khan must file cases against Financial Times & Reham in British Courts if he is not guilty

Imran has always been playboy, gambler, having relations with sex traffickers, extremely ungrateful, haughty & arrogant as well as abusive & absolutely incompetent! He has been proven beyond a shred of doubt the biggest thief, hypocrite and disloyal to Pakistan!

His viral audios and videos only confirm that which is already known to many well informed, honest Pakistanis as well as Western Media. He should challenge Financial Times which published a big report on his corruption and Reham’s book which revealed sheds of his sex maniac character!

British Courts are much better than our stupid & corrupt judiciary so If he is not guilty, he may win millions if not billions as Nasir Butt of PML N has twice won huge money when he filed cases against some Pak media which were spread lies against Nawaz Sharif and family

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