Did I ever meet Imran Khan?

Did I meet Imran Khan personally? asked by a friend! Yes I have met him at his home in Zaman Park home for about one hour one to one and he offered me a job at SKM. At that time I used to like him. Thanks God I did not accept the job. Later I and my wife also attended his few meetings in Islamabad. We found out that he is very shrewd and manipulative liar. At that time US had attacked Iraq and a protest meeting of women was arranged against but there was no mention of attack, instead banners of کچی آبادی والوں کو مالکانہ حقوق دو Grant the occupation legal rights to illegal were there to get support from illegal occupiers were there to fetch votes! Then I saw him recruiting all kind of garbage from PPP, Q, and Mush etc. e.g. ex PPP Sardar Asif who was caught stark naked drunk in New York. Then I realized he is just hypocrite and fooling people. Later I discovered his Qadyani strong link and maternal decent and his appointment of many Qadyanis at key positions and creation of Qadyan Narowal Rahdai in the disguise of Kartarpur. In short he has all the characteristics of a perfect hypocrite who tells lies with utmost confidence. He has amassed lot of money some of which is used on social media and main media to spread lies. He is acting like Dabba Peer and there are many so called educated naive Mureed for him. As a Muslim we act according to Quran that orders us to be very firm against hypocrites! We don’t buy his claim I’d Riasat e Madinah! He is more like Abdullah Ibn e Abbai, head of the hypocrites in Madina who used to praise the Prophet (PBUH) but see what Allah said about hypocrites in Surah alMunafuqoon. So that’s the reason we oppose him

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