Imran’s anti armed forces propaganda on behest of Israel, India and Qadyanis

1) Ata Turk now 100% confirmed even by New York Times that he was a hidden Jew; outwardly with Muslim name. Such people are called Du Namay or 2 name in Turkey. They had been deeply infiltrated in Turkish armed forces, judiciary, media and bureaucracy. So called Ata Turk changed the very alphabets of Turkish from Arabic to Engudo that Turkish children go away from Quran

2) Khomini was nurtured by France for 16 years which facilitated his “revolution”. Everyone knows how much French Government is against Hijab and Muslims
3) The West under firm Zionist control need a si called Muslim Dracula with blood dripping from his fingers so that Islam could be equated with terrorism and lack of human rights, so they “facilitated” Khomini revolution and also arranged US embassy take over. The hostage takers were later given Green cards and nearly all of them were working in USA

4) Musa Khan deliberately left Lahore border undefended to let India come without obstruction and they can have wine party in Lahore Gymkhana. This is clear from a brilliant article by Air Martial Noor Khan published years back on 7th September on the occasion of Yom e Fizaya in Dawn. Later Musa did not like to be buried in Pakistan so he was buried in Iran according to his will

5) Not an iota of corruption has been proven against Nawaz Sharif despite his several trials by different Governments. If he wanted civilian supremacy and respect of vote that was excellent and we as a nation must support that!

6) Bajwa was not bad when he along with Faiz Hamid brought the most morally corrupt and incompetent Imran in power. But when the forces announced to be apolitical as all civilized countries, they are having severe epileptic

7) Qadyanis are like Du Namay of Turkey and Bahia of Iran, acting like termites to erode Pakistan from within!

8) Imran is maternal Qadyani decent and that’s the reason he was heavily funded by Israel and India!

No doubt there are black sheep in our institutions, but to launch a systemic campaign against Pak armed forces is to strengthen the hands of anti Muslim Israel and India! Imran had been proven to be not only most incompetent, hypocrite but also the most corrupt. His corruption can be seen in Financial Times report and his Qadyani connection in my blog

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