In response to Indian Anchor!

No Pakistani wants Indian citizenship. We did make numerous blunders and yes Musharraf wrongly did Kargil without knowledge of Prime Minister and our brave soldiers paid heavy price. The reason being was that Musharraf was not a true Muslim. He was married to a Qadyani woman Sahba and when a Muslim man marries Qadyani woman he is converted to Qadyani. Qadyani cult was created by English colonial Zionists with support and consultation of Nehru. Qadyanis are NOT considered Muslims as they do not believe in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as final messenger of Allah and Quran as final divine book! Qadyanis with Muslim names have same culture and language and thus serve as termite to erode Pakistan from within.

Imran is maternal Qadyani descent and made Qadyan-Norowal road in disguise of Kartarpur Narwal rahdari. So Pakistan was target of racist Zionists and Brahmins from Day 1. Pakistan Air Force was all Qadyanis in 1947 as English rulers had banned Muslims to join air-force while Qadyanis were allowed! Only exception was Aur Marshal Noor Khan who submitted a false certificate of being a Qadyani! Qadyanis played key role in handing Indian occupied Kashmir over to India and Fall of Dacca as well as destruction of Pak economy by taking too much loans from IMF. This was done by M.M. Ahmad, grandson of false prophet Ghulam Ahmed; a British puppet. Insha Allah Pakistan will one day come out of all this mess. Islam is all peace, so it will be peace for poor and oppressed people of Pakistan as well as India.

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