Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik Separation – Stop Press

It has been reported that Sania Mirza has moved to her separate house along with their son! It is speculated that they are heading toward a divorce!

Since this famous sporting couple is Muslim, we will like to remind them and others about the proper process of divorce or talaq in Islam in the light of Quran!

Quran although a voluminous book gives relatively a few laws in details! The exceptions are where there is severe interpersonal relationships e.g; inheritance and divorce!

According to Quran e majeed which is word by word Allah’s final book, when there is serious conflict between husband & wife then respected representatives of both sides should intervene. They should meet and try to resolve the issue. Usually husband and wife ate too emotional to talk calmly and resolve the conflict. The respected representatives usually some elders assess the conflict and try their best to resolve the conflict!

If this works out, it’s great but if that does not work out, then husband should stop sharing the bed and have no sexual relations for a month, and must not give divorce during the month when they had sexual relations or during menses!

If every thing fails and husband has decided to divorce then only One divorce be given. They can resume marriage without a fresh nikah within 4 months. If 4 months have passed then they can remarry with new nikah!

This may be repeated once more! However , after these 2 cycles if still matter is not settled and couple goes for divorce, the 3rd time husband can give divorce for the third time and now it will be final and the couple can’t marry with simple new nikah. She may seriously mary another person and if later by chance and not by ploy or design, he the second husband decides to divorce her then if first husband and she mutually like to marry, they may!

In Islam bridegroom has to pay significant Mehar or dowry to wife before consumption of marriage and this amount should be according to his economic and social status. The Mehar amount in Pakistan and India is a joke. Quran e majeed puts great emphasis on Mehar which reflects it significance both in amount and value!

If wife wants to end marriage, she will have Togo through court and satisfy the court with reasons. This shows how Islam caters for biological and emotional differences between gender. Islam does not give wife the power to just pronounce divorce like husband! Had that power be given may be > 80% marriages would have ended in divorce as usually wives are quite emotional at time! Despite very easy for husband to divorce without going through court, divorces are much less common among Muslims

It is narrated by the Prophet (PBUH) that divorce is most disliked act by Allah although it is permissible! Financial burden of raising the children is on husband and not on wife at all.

It must be realized that the biggest sufferer are innocent children! Both parents therefore must show patience and restraint. Wife suffers more in family break down! Every effort must be made to save a marriage. If Allah’s guidance as revealed in Quran and as explained and elaborated by the final prophet Muhammad (PBUH) numerous marriages could be saved!

Unfortunately 3 divorces are pronounce by persons and even clergy who are ignorant of Quran e majeed!

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