The Biggest Violence Promoter in Pakistan; Imran Khan Niazi

Imran Khan is the biggest violence promoter in Pakistan as well as outside Pakistan in Pak community. He even incited disrespect of Prophet’s mosque in Madina through his blind worshippers, then he completely forgot them in Saudi jails!

He also incites violence in England where a few of his worshippers call names outside residence of Nawaz Sharif’s sons. They use most filthy language! He himself calls all kinds of names against his political opponents, military and police when they refuse to serve his unconstitutional and unlawful designs and actions!

He had put many of his political opponents in jails by leveling baseless fake allegations without proving them. Imran utters lies with utmost confidence and in very convincing manner. While he had been proven to the biggest corrupt on solid evidence; he keeps labelling his opponents as thieves! His massive corruption is reported in Financial Times London also. He can’t dare to sue FT in London because the report if 100% authentic

Imran Khan, while not able to read or recite Quran and does not offer even Friday Prayers, claims to build an Islamic State on the pattern of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)! There is million light year contradiction between what he says and what he does! This has led to many considering him the biggest hypocrite and the worst liar! This in turn has caused enormous disliking in many leading to an incidence of firing on his long march, in which luckily he had only minor injuries!

Imran’s so called long march was utter failure and flop! He could not muster more than 7000 people in a country of over 230 millions. At many places only about 500 people showed up! He prolonged his march to gain more time to threaten and black mail the military and judiciary and recruit more people but did not succeed, so He was looking for ways to end his march! Some believe that attack on his caravan was self architected! Even if it was not self fabricated, he used it as an excuse to cancel it for sometime and then restart! He has been the master of such bluffs from his young age when he was an avid gambler and womanizer according to his confession with pride on TV!

He was a parasite on rich girls! He fathered several illegitimate children, details of which are provided by Reham Khan ( in her famous book) , his ex wife; to whom he himself told with pride! His girl friends included infamous sex trade convict Maxwell!

There are some of his friends in high circles in judiciary who actually let him off the hook on several of his terrorist acts including attacks on State Television Headquarter, parliament, police stations, burning beautiful trees in Blue Area Islamabad and murdering innocent police officers

Currently he is trying to get army Chief of his choice so that he can rule Pakistan like Adolf Hitler! He has adopted the policy and practice of his infamous Joseph Goebbels. He and his paid (from public account) media & social media team cooks up enormous amount of lies and spread all over the world.

Mr. Niazi uses fascist tactics to attack his opponents’ house and even arrange firing on them. Cabinet Minister Ahsan Iqbal was fired upon causing severe injuries. Instead of condemning the shooting, he is in record praising for this shooting saying it’s a reflection of public sentiments!

Lately Imran Khan Niazi is taking oaths from his supporters in Nazi style again threatening his political opponents and trying to blackmail army and other institutes! While doing all this, Imran has forgotten that Pakistan is neither Germany, nor Syria, nor Palestine! Pakistan in its neighborhood has Afghanistan and brave Pushtoon and others in different areas. Guns are freely available as well as expert shooters who can respond in a tit for tat fashion! He has also forgotten the end of Hitler and his girlfriend!

Imran has become totally blind and can’t read the writings on the wall not can he learn lessons from the past. He is also a known

Cocaine addict which further complicated his already compromised mind! His 4 years rule with full backing and support of establishment has reveal his utter incompetency to rule! He has tendency to bite the very same people who do good to him!

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