ISI Press Conference & Indian & Niazi Propaganda

Although there is some truth in Indian propaganda but there is a lot of falsehood!

ISI Chief had to explain to naive who would not believe Sharif or Bilawal etc. He showed the real ugly face of IK!

In a country of 220 million to gather a few thousand is neither a problem nor indicative of popularity!

Army’s decision to become apolitical is praiseworthy and in line with all civilized nations. Yes they brought IK in power and saw the result. IK is no ordinary person, he utters lies with utmost confidence and makes fool which are many in our nation, mainly due to going astray by leaving Quran e majeed.

I think DG ISI press conference was excellent. They must stand firm and try to make judiciary and bureaucracy apolitical as well.

In nutshell we have to educate and train our people in core Islamic and human values. Even our dramas show lying without remorse. We must know as the Prophet (PBUH) said truth is life and lie is death. The lies are killing our society. President Nixon was fired on one lie while IK has been compulsive and pathological liar and many among us still praise him!

Until and unless our nation hates lies and liars we will keep suffering. The Prophet (PBUH) said a believer can be coward or miser but he can’t be a liar! Quran says Allah’ curse is on liars so our society is cursed.

Solution is simple, hold the Quran in letter and sprit as Prophet (PBUH) and companions did and they crushed all super powers in less than 30 years and Muslims remained the only dominant force in all fields of life for centuries!

Their dominance was good for everyone as it brought Big Bang in the world of science, education and civilization. It paved the way for renaissance and Industrial revolution in the West; otherwise the world would still be in dark ages.

Alas the world did not acquire moral and ethical values of Islam otherwise it would have been far more peaceful and progressive world today!

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