After Khashoggi, another Journalist Assassinated

On 2 October 2018, Jamal Khashoggi, a US-based journalist and critic of Saudi Arabia’s government, walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, where he was murdered.

Khashoggi’s murder was surrounded by lot of mysteries. Recently another prominent journalist is murdered in Kenya whose death is no less puzzling and appears to be politically motivated

The recently murdered journalist is Arshad Sharif of Pakistan, a relatively younger, well mannered, smart journalist whose murder has caused lot of turmoil in politically charged atmosphere of Pakistan!

Arshad Sharif had no apparent threat to his life! For criticizing Pak army a case was filed against Shebaz Gill and Arshad Sharif. This criticism was part of media campaign by Imran Khan who did not like army to become apolitical and neutral I.e strictly abiding constitution and law and not indulging in politics.

It is true that Imran Khan was implanted through massive rigging and judicial coup! For 3 1/2 years military & establishment was full backing him going out of way to help him get favorable decisions from courts and putting behind bar his political opponents without proving any charge against them! This caused tremendous damage to Pakistan economy! Pakistan was almost bankrupted! Dollar sky rocketed in comparison to Pak rupee and inflation climbed to the roof!

Seeing all this and total incompetence of Imran Khan Military decided to become apolitical and refused to provide crutches to Imran Khan. As a result a no confidence resolution was successful in Pakistan National Assembly and Imran’s Government collapsed and Shahbaz Sharif led combined Government cane into power

Instead of accepting defeat and showing sportsmanship Imran Khan who had a reputation of a good cricketer, he started playing games using American conspiracy for overthrowing his Government! He wanted to get some specific Army Chief who can serve all his illegal and unconditional desires and whims!

He used a routine cipher from Pak embassy to in Washington to “prove” that it was America that overthrew his Government. USA denied any such schism and conspiracy. Pak army as well civilian Government fully investigated the matter and found no such evidence!

As new army Chief is about to be appointed in early November, Imran began a mob attack on Islamabad to somehow stop appointment of new army Chief for the reasons stated above!

Most learned people rejected Imran’s American conspiracy theory including President of Pakistan who belongs to Imran’s political party. He became desperate to make a new issue! And this time it was pre planned murder of a journalist.

Late journalist Arshad Sharif had exposed prohibited foreign funding to Imran’s political party i.e; PTI in one of his researched program! Imran’s party Chief Minister Mehmood and one of his members of National Assembly Mr. Murad Saeed told him wrongly that his life was in danger in Pakistan while this information was not even shared with Pakistan intelligence! Arshad Sharif had good relations with Pak army and establishment and he was reluctant to leave the country. However through carrots and sticks he was forced to leave Pakistan to Dubai. In Dubai he was received by Salman Iqbal, the owner of notorious ARY news channel.

Here Salman Iqbal was eager to send him to a remote place in Kenya. Mr. Arshad Sharif was shot dead by driver of the car owned by Salman Iqbal

Imran Khan was waiting for the news of his assassination. As soon as it was confirmed he embarked on a mob rally from Lahore. Arshad Sharif’s picture was surround by PTI flags!

DG ISI and Pak army spokesman rightly v demanded bringing Salman Iqbal back home for investigations. It has been claimed that Salman Iqbal and his two persons had close contacts with India secret agency RAW!

Imran Khan is using Hitler and Nazi style tactics to control Pakistan forgetting the end of Hitler and the damage that Hitler caused to Germany! Imran Niazi is eager to suppress freedom of press and media! He believes in fascist type of Government like Syria. However he forgets the difference between Syrian and Pakistan demography and character of neighbors!

Invisible chains of slavery in his arrogant neck

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