IK is playing with the Nation & Pakistan

KPK Government machinery and money were maximally utilized to win the seats there as rightly complained by Biloor
There may still be other undetected fraudulent tactics might have been used as was the case in Daska by-elections where Niazi was caught red handed as he gave 3 lakh bribe to selected Election Commission officers, Elections were held again and he lost. Neither IK nor Usman Dar, nor involved EC officers were punished! The corrupt media also went into deep sleep over this fraud!
Several PTI workers under supervision of their MNAs were caught yesterday buying the votes! They were paying Rs. 1000 per person to get ID cards of voters. The video clips of this went viral where at the house of Farrukh Habib this dirty work was going on (Reference video clip on Samaa TV)! The poor voters who are suffering from very harsh poverty easily sell their votes! Imran does not believe in honesty and truth as was clearly revealed from his video leak! He always like to “play” and temper; from ball tempering in Cricket, bluffing in gambling and American schism of toppings his Government. He tells lies without any remorse or regret, with utmost confidence!
Yesterday’ elections revealed the utmost foolishness and hypocrisy of IK. In nutshell
1) PTI lost 3 + 6 of its own seats as IK will have to vacate six seats
2) His 8 MNAs are now out and they will not be able to enjoy the salary and other perks of being MNA, which they were dishonesty enjoying after tendering their resignation! IK and all other resigned MNAs are still getting salaries and other perks dishonesty from poor people’s pockets! Imran has hardly attended NA meetings even when prior to 2018 and always took salaries and perks dishonesty even after resignation! Again corrupt media remained silent on this theft on national treasury!
3) Re-elections will be held on 6 seats which will put unnecessary expenditure on people
In 2018 elections historical rigging was carried by establishment and the “loosing” candidate were refrained to make a protest!
It’s better if speaker sends all resignations to Election Commission some more seats could be taken out from PTI

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