The Transgender Drama!

Our sex is determined by the God all Mighty, our Creator, the moment our two germ cells fuse to form a fertilized ovum. This identity is then imprinted on each & every cell of our body which is comprised of trillions of cells; out of which billions die each day and new one are created each day with imprinted identity of male or female. This can be easily checked with simple laboratory tests!

We know that 45 chromosomes in the nuclei of our cells are identical between male and females! The only difference is in one chromosome; if it’s X chromosome then it’s female and if it is Y chromosome then it’s male.

X chromosome is not entirely a sex chromosome as one X chromosome is present in all males. It contains numerous genes; each coding for a specific protein like other chromosomes; a man can’t survive without one X chromosome! However, as opposed to other somatic chromosomes only a single dose of these proteins are needed and not a double dose! Y chromosomes is relatively much shorter and contains most male sex related proteins codes and a few that correlate with some genes in Ezra X chromosome!

On the other hand females contain two X chromosomes; one from her father and one from her mother. However her cells do not need all the proteins made by 2 X chromosomes; so one of two chromosomes is shown a red card and sent outside the playfield and that X chromosome sits next to the nuclear membrane of the cell and can be easily identified.

However, not the entire sidelined X chromosome is inactive; a few crucial genes in it are active; otherwise a woman with 45 chromosomes (only one X chromosome aka Turner’s syndrome) would have been entirely normal, which is not the case!

What about male? How does he get these proteins, well these are supposed to come from Y chromosome.

In nutshell, before we proceed further, let me make it plain further! Our DNA resides in our chromosomes which exist in 23 pairs, one member of each pair from our father and one from our mother! The total length of DNA in each of our cell is about six feet long and it contains information contained in 1200 Oxford book of medicine. That’s the work of our Creator and all this information is meticulously copied, checked and transformed to newly created billions of cells each day. If an error is passed on then the door of cancer may open widely

The DNA has codes for manufacturing various proteins. The proteins coded by all chromosomes are required in double doses; half from one member of each pair of chromosomes and other from other member of the same pair of chromosomes. However, proteins made from X chromosomes is generally not required in double doses but rather in single dose and hence male with only one X chromosome lives normal!

Which is extra sidelined X chromosome in each of our trillions of cells; I.e; maternal or paternal? Well we can say roughly in half cells it’s maternal and in half it is paternal! This phenomenon (aka Lyon’s hypothesis) imparts a great advantage to females I.e; they do not suffer from X- linked disorders! One normal X produces enough X chromosome related protein that keep her “normal” as usually single or even less than single dose is sufficient! Male doesn’t have that luxury; poor guy has only one X chromosome; if a code goes wrong on this chromosome his all cells are not able to form that particular protein so he manifests the features of that X-linked disorder e.g Hemophilia, Christmas disease etc!

As mentioned before our sex is determined by our Creator the moment we are conceived and it’s manifestation is imprinted on each and every cell of our body for our entire life and also in our next eternal life!

There are clear differences between male and females sexual organs as well in many other physical, psychological, emotional and other characteristics. These are identifiable even by blinds! This demarcation is clear in animal and also in plant kingdom as well!

This is pure nature. However, certain people under Satanic influence try very hard to go against nature! A creature’s nature is determined by that creatures wisdom and intellect also. Ti get nicely dressed and comb hair is human nature. Horse, for example require lot more care than donkey! To not to observe hygiene and cleanliness is not human nature! To have dress, family and society with civic laws is human nature.

As mentioned before, some people under Satanic influence try to fight against nature with devastating results! The nation of Prophet Lot (PBUH) was totally destroyed for practicing homosexuality, except a few who were not involved in this anti nature practice!

In these times due to a lot of media power and influence most idiotic arguments are made in favor of changing sex identity on demand. As we are almost nothing in comparison to our Creator in terms of wisdom, knowledge etc, we do suffer a lot on individual as well as society level.

If we remain silent and indifferent we and our coming generations will pay the price for keeping silent and accepting the evil as devastating effects will also engulf these who were not involved in such practices

The influence of anti nature and Satanic practices can be gauged by the State of the Union address of President Biden who spoke in favor of sane sex “marriage” and transgender!


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