Why Imran Khan is dying to see Gen. Faiz Hamid as next army Chief?

Gen. Faiz Hamid is known for his role in historical rigging of 2018 elections! Prominent Journalist Saleem Safi told early morning on a Live TV conversation that after seeing all this he is not going to cast his vote today!

A rigging cell was established in Rawalpindi to carry out all sorts of manipulation including creation of new religious parties to divide the votes, arranging bloody dharnas & marches, changing election rules so that representatives of all candidates were not allowed in all. 4 polling booths of a polling station! Only one was allowed leaving 3 booth unattended and afterwards not counting votes in presence of all and or not getting signatures of all representatives on the prescribed form.

Pre-poll rigging was carried out by forcing electable to support IK and post poll forcing independents and parties to join IK. Additionally the judiciary was thoroughly manipulated to remove NS from the office on baseless charges.

Foreign funding was also used to buy media including social media! Faiz Hamid’s brother arranged IK jalsa in Chakwal recently. In any other country Faiz Hamid would have faced a court martial! IK is so shameless that he openly advocates for abandoning neutrality by Military and judiciary in his favor, otherwise they are animals! Human history may not be able to bring a parallel shameless person! Shahbaz Sharif is billions time more honest than IK! Appointment of army Chief must be on strict merit and must not be influenced by such proven most dishonest and thug like IK.

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