The Reality of Imran’s Public Gatherings & his massive corruption

To know more about Imran’s Qadyani connection as well his massive corruption please visit! These both gentlemen are also very corrupt! Imran Khan has been proven beyond doubt the biggest thief, cleverest thug, traitor based on solid State Bank Data and 8 year long Election Commission investigations. As Imran & co were fully aware of their own corruption, they used all tactics to delay the EC report. London Financial Times report also reveal Imran Khan’s massive corruption! Imran who himself presented Mr. Clean turned out to be the dirtiest! He do have massive media support and support of some naive people whose numbers are always exaggerated. He do hire some community members to attend his public gatherings. One Christian man revealed they were paid 1000 Rs per person to attend his Minar e Pakistan public gathering. This came to public knowledge when same community members offered Jamat e Islami to attend their public meeting on rental basis!

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