Imran Khan & Issue of Appointment of New Army Chief

In any civilized country army Chief has little to do with civilian corruption! But that’s quite different for Imran Khan. He wants to appoint a particular person new army Chief, why? He is making all hue and cry for this purpose. Even he offered bribe of extension in his service to the current army Chief who has already received an unusual extension in his service! He is proposing that appointment of new army Chief be deferred till fresh elections and new Government may appoint new army Chief!

Normally appointment of new army Chief is intra institutional matter where names of 4 most competent officers are presented to the Prime Minister who selects one name whom he considers most fit for the job! Imran is raising this issue in public gatherings implying that except one, all other core commanders are dishonest, incompetent and have close ties with the opposition political parties!

His statements have several serious issues! (1) He is of opinion that army Chief has a role to curb so called corruption in civilian Government, (2) The army Chief must support him in making Pakistan a fascist state where he can put his political opponents in jails etc and (3) Army Chief should provide full protection to Imran’s own corruption and all other illegal and anti state activities

Those who perhaps don’t know, that happened in 2018 elections when an election rigging cell was established in Rawalpindi to bring Imran into power by hook and crook. War like planning was carried out that included forcing electable influential persons into his party, removal of representatives of candidates from polling booths, counting of votes in their absence, manipulation of results after casting votes, prohibition of mobile phones so as no one can take photos or make videos of historical, systemic rigging!

Even after all this he was short of majority seats so independent elected members were transferred in private planes of a corrupt investor to his residence to join his party, of course offering them heavy bribe and futures assurances

3.5 years of Imran’s Governance was the worst for Pakistan. He took 76% of the total loans in just 3.5 years and that is without any project. Hostile forces to Pakistan had invested in him through foreign funding and he carried out their agenda like remaining almost totally silent over India’s annexation of Kashmir. He took Pakistan to the verge of Bankruptcy! He created totally sham conspiracy of America was behind “toppling” his Government which was actually thrown out through a legitimate vote of no confidence

Imran who was posed as Mr. Clean turned out to be the most incompetent and the most corrupt politician in the history of Pakistan. With the help of black sheep in various institutions he carried out his agenda of destruction from within! He has many in judiciary who supported him in most obvious way without any shame! He wants to continue his agenda relentlessly with support of external and internal anti state elements! He wants to manipulate all other through army Chief’s abuse of his powers and carrying out all sorts of illegal activities! That’s the precise reason, he is craving for new army Chief of his choice!

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