Why Pakistan did not flourish as much India?

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

There are many reasons why India flourished while Pakistan did not! It requires one full book to explain. But in short India was fully supported by International Zionists who were controlling the world and still even more. Zionists have no problem with Hindu religion, but they are diehard enemies of Muslims and Islam . A progressive and strong Pakistan was not acceptable to them! On the other hand, Muslims drifting away from Quran had become very weak in faith too! Zionists shared many things in common with Hindus including racism, arrogance and Muslim enemity. Even cow is reverend by Zionists as many wear necklaces carrying bull’s picture. Surah Al-Baqrah clearly points to their love for cow due to their disobedience to Allah!
Before Pakistan emerged on map, English Zionists in collaboration with Nehru made Qadyani cult to produce many cult members who will undermine Pakistan from within! Their success story began with appointment of “Sir” Zafrullah as first foreign minister of Pakistan who played key role in giving access to India to Kashmir, then facilitated handing over occupied Kashmir to India. Khan Abdul Qayyum, in-charge of Kashmir affair was a diehardQadyani also!
M.M. Ahmad, grandson of Pseudo liar prophet of Qadyani cult, was holding 3 important portfolios in Federal Government and virtually ruling the country in the times of Ayyub who was recruited by CIA when he was a student at Aligar University. Ahmad implanted the idea of giving away East Pakistan so that Bhutto becomes PM of West Pakistan.

Ch. Muhammad Ali who is often credited to give Pakistan’s first constitution; his elder brother Ch. Zulfiqar Ali was diehard Qadyani too. Later Ch. Muhammad Ali married to a Lahori Qadyani woman who bore him many children who occupied key positions in Government setup including Ghazala wife of Waseem Sajjad etc.

That is the precise reason why Imran, a maternal Qadyani descent enjoying so much favoritism and he almost killed Pakistan economy to roll back our nuclear program to much delight of Israel and India!

Naive people do not realize the real enemies. Zardari’s daughter married to a Qadyani also! Rehman Malik and Farhatullah Babar, both Qadyanis were and latter still in command of PPP! Bhutto nationalized all Pakistan industry thus killing Pakistan’s industrial progress! Qadyanis were in high positions in Ayyub, Yahya and Musharraf regimes and also they held important positions in Imran’s cabinet. Imran even handed over State Bank totally to a Pakistani Qadyani who’s wife is an Iranian Jew.

In Nawaz Sharif’s Government Pervaiz Rashid and Anosha Rehman were strongly suspected to be Qadyanis. Shafqat Mehmood of PTI in collaboration with Alisha changed one similar word in Election form which later PMLn with JUI took back the changed word but entire blame was ascribed to N whose leaders’ houses were attacked and Ahsan Iqbal, son of late Apa Nisar Fatima of Jamat e Islam was shot, luckily he survived.

Imran Niazi turned out to be the most corrupt as evident in Election Commission verdict and as reported by Financial Time of London! A few more examples of Qadyani holding key positions Pervaiz Khattak, KP Chief Minister Mehmood are related through their wives, both have Qadyani wives and then Sania Nishtar made in-charge of so called Ehsas program which was actually started by Nawaz Sharif as Pakistan Income support, later PPP Government renamed it as Benazir Income support then Imran renamed it as Ehsas program!

PMLN in comparison has much less Qadyani influence so it is not acceptable to World Zionists although NS made grave mistakes of appointing Musharraf and Bajwa who wives are diehard Qadyanis!

It must be clear that when a Muslim man marries to a Qadyani woman he signs a declaration that he is converting to Qadyani cult and becomes a Qadyani.

Qadyanis have very close ties with Israel and India because they serve their interests in destroying Pakistan from within!

The only real solution to come out from the hole of utmost disgrace is to firmly hold the rope of Allah I.e; Quran who one end is in Allah’s hand as prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explained the aya واعتصمو بحبل للّٰہ جمیعا ولا تفرقو ۔ Hold tight together the rope of Allah and be not divided

Qadyanis & Pro Qadyani Sikhs in Qadyan only 25 km from Kartarpur. A rapid transit for Qadyanis were made by Imran for Qadyanis under disguise of Kartarpur-Norwal transit and even eliminated need for Pakistani visa for them; another potential route for espionage
Imran’s maternal grand grandfather Munshi Gohar Ali’s name on 15th number in Zionists’ created pseudo prophet Ghulam Ahmad
The Qadyani connection of Imran Niazi
Institutions are infested by Zionists’ puppets and puppies
Imran is the biggest proven and certified thief of Pakistan! He has the guts to call others thieves while some of them are certainly not

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