Imran’s Billions $ Corruption

Following are excerpts from tweets of Mr. Waheed who did very meticulous job of unearthing Mr. Clean’s historical and mega mega corruption. These findings are quite consistent with findings with the information contained both in the article published in Financial Times of London as well as in the master case filed by one of the cofounders of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf and once very close friend of Imran Khan I.e. Akbar S. Babar. He had sincerely believed in lofty ideas & objectives of Imran and the party they formed together! But seeing Imran’s absolute deviation he could not resist to remind him again and again but alas without any success!

He had pointed out to Imran Khan’s corruption from the very beginning and tried his best to motivate Imran to refrain from violation of law and abstain from receiving illegal money especially from forces hostile to the country, but without success; then he was compelled to file he case in the Election Commission revealing all his dishonesty, Imran’s gross embezzlement, and violation of law. First Imran offered him carrot and then stuck like demolishing his sister’s house and even death threats.

Imran was so backed by establishment and black sheep in the institutions that he managed to delay hearing of the case for many years! He used all kinds of tricks and deceptions!

Now when Election Commission has finalized its verdict, he is still able to stop it from releasing to the public despite many appeals, requests and protests by sitting Prime Minister and most political parties!

Following are a few glimpses of his corruption taken from Mr. Waheed’s tweets! We are thankful and grateful to his hard work and meticulous work to unearth this man’s corruption who was portrayed as Mr. Clean and still many naive people believe in his cleanliness; a glaring example of personality wo

Both the companies are registered in USA under “Imran Ahmed Niazi” signatures 1) PTI USA LLC No.5975 – $ 1,998,700 2)PTI USA LLC No.6160 – $ 669,000

Except for 2.2Bn worth of illegal funds. PTI received PKR 103,121,000 specifically for donation that was transferred to one of the undisclosed accounts. $1.1M and $2M received on march 2013 and April 2013 were raised for “philanthropic causes”.

A glaring example of cooperation between notorious Riaz Malik & Shahzad Akbar! See the notification “The government of Pakistan hereby warrants to the NCA and the respondents [Ali Riaz Malik, Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain, Bina Malik, Mubashara Malik, etc.] that Mirza Shahzad Akbar is duly authorised to execute the deed for and on behalf of the government of Pakistan.”

“A confidential government communication sent by the Foreign Ministry confims that the United Kingdom International Corruption Unit sent an official copy of the agreement to Pakistan earlier this month.”.

836Million out of a total 1.3B was unaccounted/undeclared that PTI received in Foreign Funding between 2009-2013.

On September 27th 2018, following IK orders CDA Building Control and Enforcement Directorate Staff along with an ICT police party raided Akbar S Babar’s s sister’s house located in F-10/1 Islamabad.

Imran Khan (IK) nominated Sibtain Deputy speaker of Punjab Assembly. Sibtain was arrested in 2019 for multi-billion corruption. Immi pressurized NAB to set him free. He also sold mineral worth Billions for 2.5 millions only! Sibtain is Ghundapur of punjab, he was appointed Forest minister right after he was released on bail in 2019. He lives in an over 100 kanals

I think it’s time to discuss how Arif Naqvi (2011-2018) used Karachi Electric (KE) to create several problems for Federal aswell as Sindh Govt. It created disputes between federal gov & Shanghai Electric and kept dragging GoP into court’s where Justice Jawad was sitting.

On Jan 15th, 2021, Faisalabad Farrukh accused PPP of hiring a lobbyist and PMLN of recived funds from “hazrat Osama bin laden Shaheed”. The next day ECP over threatening PC issued notices to all 3 parties, 2 showed up, guess which party had another excuse ready? Of course PTI.

PTI submitted affidavits of over 13000 donors list in the US versus PTI submitted only 1414 donors list in Pakistan!

Billions in funding from the UAE were secured by Arif Naqvi and Zulfikar Khan of Abraaj Group (who was elected Chairman of Utility Stores Corporation during Imran Khan’s tenure) and K Electric was also helped by Khan during his tenure. Awarded the effort of Zulfikar

About Abraaj group, 2 companies that were used for money-laundering and corruption are registered to IK’s name.

Part 2 was to do something even Musharraf couldn’t. End him and not just politically. Nawaz was sent abroad the same day His Highness Sheikh Sultan died, Nov19th 2022 but after Yasmin Rashid and Dr Faisal Sultan guaranteed that nothing will appear in his toxicology report!

Arabs wanted Nawaz out for 2 reasons. 1)April 10th 2015 Nawaz Govt decided against military involvement in the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen. 2) April 20th 201 President Xi Jinping and PM Sharif signed 51 agreements at $46 billion to transform Pakistan’s econom

And if you check PM’s call logs on the official website, you’ll find over 20 calls bw Sheikh n IK In 2017 Nawaz tried calling Sheikh and the first time in the history UAE didn’t respond to his calls. Why was NS calling? To ask, on whose authority false evidence was created.

1) Panama JIT doesn’t find PM guilty. 2) NS Council decided not to contest document provided by UAE. He had seen enough conspiracies to know when to give up to avoid clash which could’ve led to destabilization.

Acc to the list PTI submitted 1,414 donors collectively donated $467,320 in 2013. Only 27% reported that they donated for PTI, rest were unaware that their funds were being used for party activities. Not to mention, PTI submitted over 30,000 donors list in the US Justice Dept.

I emailed Sheikh a few days ago as i needed clarity on a few matters like KE owes over 275Bn pkr to Sheikh abdul Aziz Hamad Al Jomaih.In K-Electric’s on going deal, not only it’s been denied also consider Dharna-Election sponsors funding lines permanently closed

It’s factually a 100% correct PTI indeed received fundings from Jews and Indians. My problem is with this approach and making the whole case about it.

/سٹیٹ بینک آف پاکستان نے الیکشن کمیشن کی درخواست پر پی ٹی آئی کے خفیہ اکاؤنٹ کی تفصیلات دیں جس کے مطابق: اسد قیصر، شاہ فرمان، عمران اسماعیل، میاں محمود الرشید، ثمر علی خان، نجیب خان اور عمران کے قریبی مرحوم دوست احسن راشد وغیرہ کے نام پر یہ اکاؤنٹ ہیں۔

13. تفصیلات کی بجائے اکاؤنٹس اور ان تمام لوگوں سے اظہار لاتعلقی ظاہر کرتے ہوئے کہا کے ان تمام لوگوں نے سنٹرل فنانس کمیٹی سے چھپ کر یہ اکاؤنٹس بنائے اور ان میں وصول ہونے والی کروڑوں روپے کی رقوم سے پی ٹی آئی کا کوئی تعلق نہیں ہے۔ جب کے فنانس سیکرٹری کی ٹرانزیکشنز کے ثبوت موجود ہیں۔14.

It’s so amazing to see these guys spinning everything in their favor. 1) Record was produced by SBP before ECP 2) PTI submitted a “denial” before ECP not documents Sardar Azhar being PTI Central Finance Secretary, was operating PTI account! He disowned himself?

PTI in it’s written statement submitted before scrutiny committee stated: “These individuals were operating illegal PTI accounts without the knowledge of the PTI Central Finance Department.” IK completely discredited/disowned his senior party members to save himself.

16. بش گوہر 2006 سے 2009 تک ابراج گروپ کا ڈائریکٹر رہا اور 2009 میں کراچی الیکٹرک کا چیف ایگزیکٹو تعینات ہوا۔ نیپرا تحقیقات میں جرم ثابت ہوا۔ تابش گوہر نے کراچی کے پچیس لاکھ کنزیومر سے 62 ارب زائد وصول کئے اور ہڑپ گیا۔ تابش کے خلاف سعودی بزنس مین نے حکومت پاکستان کو ایک خط لکھا

More interesting? The same Tabish Gauhar on Oct 4th, 2020 was appointed by Imran Khan as his special assistant on Power. Tabish resigned as SAPM on Sep 21st, 2021. Acc to news reports he resigned to spend time with family. (lol)

K-Electric was intentionally and consistently underutilising its own power generators, instead, relying on energy being supplied from the NTDC. Which has caused massive increase in load-shedding.

20. KE came under new management of Abraaj in Sept 2008 at that time the outstanding were 12,429Million which swelled to over 70,000Million in 2018. Even after extorted nearly millions from Fed govt and robbing 62Billion from Karachiites

To make it even worse for Naqvi, a highly respected officer DG FIA Bashir Memon probed Karachi Electric’s unpaid bills and resolved that the company owed millions of dollars to a government-owned gas company.

Even tho Bashir resigned in protest, as PM Imran repeatedly asked him to drop the case against Naqvi, he was arrested for fraud, embezzlement, money-laundering etc worth billions.

Last but not least, no matter what you say or do. The blind supporter will always remain blind. Here’s the statement from Naqvi regarding $20M “Arif Naqvi denied the claim of WSJ of offering $20mn bribe to Nawaz.”

Unlike establishment’s past experiments, PTI was completely different. It was a properly planned and very well executed project. Like Naqvi and Sheikh, there are many other characters who supported/funded this project as they had their own interests.

They will not as this “huge scandal” will also expose a few Generals but mainly Pasha who was given a job as Sheikh’s advisor.

PTI says they will go to Judicial commission against Chairman Election Commission; Here’s 3 main reasons 1) CEC Raja didn’t care about threats 2) ECP have over 56 reasons to file a contempt case(s) against IK 3) Despite using pressure techniques, ECP didn’t bow to the King.

A total of 76 illogical petitions from PTI just to harass ECP after coming into power. Back to the original point, PTI is on building a new narrative that ECP has given relief to PPP and PMLN over foreign funding case.

32. شیخ نہیان5 بھارتی تاجروں کے ساتھ آئے جنہوں نے پی ٹی آئی کےلیےپیسےدیئے۔ عارف نقوی نے پی ٹی آئی کو کل رقم 22 ملین پاؤنڈ سے زیادہ ادا کی ہے۔عمران خان نے جنرل شجاع پاشا کی موجودگی میں عارف نقوی اورعمران چودھری کے ساتھ بھارتی تاجروں سے ملاقاتوں میں شرکت کی

33. Those posting articles on their websites, would you stop calling me “a guy with an unknown foreigner photo”? My name is “Wahid” and the foreigner in my display is Joseph Lincoln Steffens. Joseph was a TOP investigative Journalist of 20th century, known for exposing Politicians.

It’s neither business nor finance, it’s called high on money received through secret funds, also directly linked with Arif Naqvi. Will discuss with K-ELECTRIC

KE came under new management of Abraaj in Sept 2008 at that time the outstanding were 12,429Million which swelled to over 70,000Million in 2018. Even after extorted nearly millions from Fed govt and robbing 62Billion from Karachiites.

It was also revealed that KE did a secret agreement with SSGC without govt’s approval. Amin Rajput Acting MD SSGC, used to work at Abraaj as Chief internal Auditor, safeguarded the interest of former boss. SSGC didn’t even obtain security deposit.

K-Electric was really important to Naqvi, he considered KE the backbone of his operations. KE helped Abraaj gain global recognition through a case study co-authored by Prof Josh Lerner of Harvard.

Anyway, we’ll come back to that. After NEPRA’s findings, Fed govt paid attention to KE’s matters, during one of hearings in a case bw Fed govt and KE on June 29th, 2015 in supreme court, it was revealed KE had failed to meet energy demands.

PTI receives around Rs 52 million remitted annually through Hundi, overseas around the world pays to PTI says UK leadership. The total amount PTI received is over 64BILLION!!! WHERE THE HELL DID ALL THAT MONEY GO??? Anyway, let’s briefly discuss important characters and Sazish.

Also, Sheikh Nahyan was among the first few financers of PTI. Sheikh donated over $2M to PTI. Dates on which IK and Sheikh met during IK’s 3 years Govt: Sept 17th 2018, Nov 18th 2018, Jan 6th 2019, Feb 10th 2019, Dec 27th 2019, Jan 1st 2020 and Feb 24th 2020

PTI receives around Rs 52 million remitted annually through Hundi, overseas around the world pays to PTI says UK leadership. The total amount PTI received is over 64BILLION!!! WHERE THE HELL DID ALL THAT MONEY GO???

PTI also receives millions annually, in “Registration fee” remitted through Hundi; KSA: 226,240 SR, KSA: 694,000 SR, UAE: 590,000 AED, Kuwait: USD 6,291, Qatar: USD 5,940 and Bahrain: USD 918

PTI received a total of 7.322 million funding from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Finland, Austria, Saudi Arabia and Norway.

PTI UK – Reg Number 07381036 – Account Number 0019142 and Account Number 26675768.

Interesting facts: 1) SBP concealed data of UK accounts(?) 2) Acc to details shared by PTI 11,208 overseas paid 36pounds each, 403,488 pounds in total. Not even a single pound in funds? lol

Insaf Australia Inc. under Australian Business Number 45838549859 from the ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited with the – Bank Account Number 00102012397479527102. Amount received in Pakistan: AUD 35,200

76. Here the details of all the companies being used for illegal foreign fundings. There are two companies registered in the US, under “Imran Ahmed Niazi” signatures. 1) PTI USA LLC No. 5975 – $ 1,998,700 , 2)PTI USA LLC No. 6160 – $ 669,00 3) $1,914,955 from 5975-PTI LLC 315 Mapel Street Richardson TX 4) $3.36 transferred to PTI PK from it’s PTI US chapter 5) $2,200,000 received in donations. (Unconfirmed entry)

Other than USD and PKR PTI received; 1) AUSD 21,803 2) GBP 19,185 , 7 accounts mentioned in prev tweets)

93. Here are the details of funds PTI received from 14 different countries and between 2009-2013 and concealed from ECP:

1) $618,940 from 6160 PTI-USA LLC 16599 Vellano Club Dr Chino Hills CA 91709-6633 2)$819,880 from 5975-PTI LLC 315 Mapel Street Richardson TX , PTI also received $436,049 in four different transactions from the party’s USA LLC-5975 and LLC 6160 accounts but there are no details about the source of these funds aswell, IK has now blamed PTI-US for illegal fundings.

Except for Foreign/ Prohibited Fundings, PTI has yet to share details of disaster funds as an amount of PKR103,121,000 that was transferred to one of the undisclosed accounts.

An Indian origin American contributed $27,500 to PTI. , Same couple made another transaction of $25,000 into PTI accounts, 3rd time they gave another $2500., 4th time using same account they contributed $2300.

Let me also share 6 foreign accounts details acc to SBP report, as it is : 1) USD2,121,500 or over two million US dollars from an offshore company registered in Cayman Islands (Wootton Cricket Limited) 2) USD49,965 from Bristol Engineering Services from the UAE. Above mentioned accounts were active but according to SBP report, there were more accounts that were already closed or was in defunct KASB Bank.. Acc to the report “A sum of Rs598.89 million were transferred to the bank account in KASB Bank Limited, Gulberg Branch, Lahore”

SBP produced PTI financial records of years 2008-2013, acc to SBP PTI Concealed; 05 accounts in 2008, 07 accounts in 2009, 13 accounts in 2010, 14 accounts in 2011-2013. Note: IK despite 24 written orders and about 30 scrutiny committee meetings summons, didn’t provide these details.

124. Illegal transactions worth billions of rupees in pkr as well as foreign currencies were found. Dollar transactions were made from 14 different countries. Imp note here; PTI had only declared 2 accounts between 2008-2012 and revealed 4 in 2013.

ECP formally requested State Bank of Pakistan on July 3rd, 2018 to provide PTI financial records. SBP complied to ECP’s demand and handed over complete details of PTI’s financial records.: SBP records revealed 23 bank accounts of PTI while they only had declared 8 before ECP.

129. ECP then constituted a scrutiny committee in March 2018, DG audit defense services and controller accounts Pakistan Air Force was called to scrutinize PTI accounts. Nearly 3 dozen meetings were called but PTI straight away refused to produce any document.

131. It is very important to mention here between 2014-2018 Don IK treated ECP’s written orders a piece of trash, actually 24 pieces of trash. ECP demanded production of documents against the allegations 24 TIMES. They just wanted this case to be delayed till Elections 2018.

From 2014 to 2018 PTI used several delaying tactics. PTI filed 5 writ petitions; In IHC to challenge ECP’s jurisdiction, PTI membership of Akbar, for in-camera sessions, he even filed a petition (Nov 26th 2015) stated he’s not answerable to ordinary citizens of Pakistan.

Petition was filed before ECP on Nov 14th, 2014, based on evidence of prohibited fundings, corruption, embezzlement n money-laundering. A few days later he received a call from “top” leader and was offered Senate’s office which he declined, 2 days later he received death threats.Foreign (Prohibited) Funding case is not a simple case of party fundings but money-laundering n embezzlement of funds given by party supporters. Acc to Pakistan Election Laws, it is prohibited to receive donations, by foreign govts, incorporated public&pvt company, foreign nats.

Did you know Foreign Funding case was first filed in November 2014 by Mr Akbar S Babar. On July 18th 2019, IK file defamation suit against Babar for false charges in FF case., On Jan 14th 2021, IK blames it’s agents in US for illegal fundings. PTI submitted affidavits n over 13000 donors list in US.. PTI submitted only 1414 donors list in Pak.

IK tweeted this on January 5th 2022 and right after a week filed plea to keep Foreign Funding case report secret. PTI even filed plea to change Foreign Funding case’s name a few days back as it goes against his anti-US narrative. The case is now called “Prohibited Funding case”.

Quite a few asking about the background of PTI plan. Well it’s not that simple because it goes back to 2008 when Zardari was elected President of Pakistan. PTI never was Pasha’s first choice but IK willing to go to any lengths and Pasha’s desperation made them “Natural Allies”.

They will not as this “huge scandal” will also expose a few Generals but mainly Pasha who was given a job as Sheikh’s advisor.

Illegal transactions worth billions of rupees in pkr as well as foreign currencies were found. Dollar transactions were made from 14 different countries. Imp note here; PTI had only ‘declared 2 accounts between 2008-2012 and revealed 4 in 2013.

یہ تو گلیشئیر کی ننھی سی چونچ ہے

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