Why Muslims have problem with Qadyanis???

I will like to give a brief reply to clear the matters.

  1. We have no problems with minorities in terms of their human and fundamental rights, justice and equality etc. We are not saying a word against any minority; may those be Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Christian’s etc. As a matter of fact, Islam provides the best and most comprehensive justice and protection for them!
  2. For Muslims, religion is not just simply personal matter, it’s their family, social and world matter! Entire Muslim Ummah is one body and we feel the pain and suffering of all Muslims wherever they are!
  3. To believe in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad ((PBUH) as the final messenger of Allah and Quran being the final divine book of Allah is the most fundamental belief of Islam; if a person does not believe in this he or she can not be a Muslim, it is as simple as that. If you make a car and give any name no body will mind but if you give a name like Toyota, Nissan, Ford etc they will take action against you, as you would be tempering their identification and you will be rightly accused of cheating and deception
  4. Qadyanis were specifically created to damage Muslim ummah and particularly Pakistan from within by arch enemies i.e; English Zionists with support of Nehru. They are still fully supported by these forces! Qadyanis are in Israeli army, given full support to their missionaries in Africa by Israel and they are given secret visas for India; from where they get instructions.
  5. Qadyanis have caused serious blows to Pakistan as well as other Muslim countries! For example Sir Zafrullah was instrumental in giving Gurdaspur to India thus enabling her to occupy Kashmir. They were responsible to great extent for IMF loans thus enslaving Pakistan. They were responsible for killing hundreds if not thousands of Muslims demanding resignation of Sir Zafrullah! They gave death verdict to prominent Islami Scholar Syed Moudodi for writing a book on Finality of the Prophethood! Under immense pressure of some Arab Countries, the death sentence later converted into 6 year imprisonment
  6. Qadyanis assured their full support to Mr. Moodi in his recent past visit to Israel saying “You know well that we are with you”! Qadyanis played key role in fall of Dacca!
  7. Qadyanis although a very small minority, but they are occupying many key positions in armed forces and bureaucracy etc. They acquire these positions through dishonesty and undue favoritism both from inside and outside. Sir Zafrullah was made Justice of International Court on Israeli recommendations!
  8. No country tolerate spies as even one spy can cause extremely serious damage to the nation! Here we have so many of them working against the nation! Will Israel or India tolerate such spies and anti State elements? Will Israel allow a good Muslim to be chief of their army, navy and air-force??? We are not blaming all Qadyanis but there are significant numbers among their ranks and files!
  9. If Qadyanis stop falsely claiming to be Muslims and stop using confusing terms like Ahmadis and do not participate in subversive activities, we will have no problem with them! They are not an oppressed minority as they often portray but contrary to this impression, they have done enormous reverse discrimination and caused serious damages to Pakistan and some other Muslim countries; details of which are well documented in various books and I have provided references. Because of all these Allama Iqbal rightly condemned them as a menace to Muslims as well as as to subcontinent, I will say even to Africa and the West as well

I hope this will make things clear!

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