Trembling Imran Seeks Crutches!

Imran Niazi came on the shoulders of some Generals, judges, bureaucrats & foreign masters! Now he is trying to manipulate army and judiciary through his miniature gatherings etc. Law is equal for all irrespective of their spouses and children. He can’t stand on his feet and desperately need crutches to further destroy Pakistan.

He is trying to create rift within army and promoting civilian vs army anarchy!

He was Terrorist yesterday attacking PTV, parliament etc and his patrons are carrying out terrorism today too!

His team launched worst anti army and anti judiciary campaign to the delight of Indians who said they could not have done this with spending hundreds of crores of rupees!

PTI is claiming that recent decision of Supreme Court was due to their fanning! Coward institutions may come under pressure of this compulsive liar and biggest thug of Pak history but not the brave people of Pakistan; they will teach him and his blind followers a befitting lesson Insha Allah

Imran Niazi and Alvi’s open Terrorism with collaboration of Pasha and Chauhdaris
Imran Niaz’s Terrorism
Qadri; a known Zionist puppet and puppy from Canada actively participated in Imran’s terrorism; several people lost their precious lives. He was given millions of dollars to carry out this terrorism
The Corruption Ring; missing here is Pinki Peerni
Model Town incidence was a joint venture of Imran, Qadri, Pasha and Chaudharies
Qadyani Connection! Anil Mussarat & Salman Ahmed
Quran saying about hypocrites

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