What kind of army Chief Imran wants!

Pakistan’s deposed Imran Khan Niazi is almost mad over loosing vote of no confidence against him! He had been a spoiled brat with full backing of all the institutions, bureaucracy, media and election commission as well as Pakistan hostile forces like India, Israel and Zionist forces and their open and hidden puppets and puppies!

They brought him to power through massive and historical blatant rigging in which a proper rigging cell was created in Rawalpindi that helped Imran to get as many as possible electables through hook or crook, through carrots or sticks! The rigging was blatantly carried out at all stages; pre, intra and post polls!

Imran was heavily funded overtly and covertly through many undeclared bank accounts! One of his founder member of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI); Imran’s political party! Akbar S. Babar got very annoyed by him receiving foreign funding and he presented all the proofs and money trails of these accounts etc which were totally illegal and against the constitution of Pakistan! These warranted complete ban on PTI and life long ineligibility for Imran to participate in Pakistan politics apart from severe punishment in terms of imprisonment and heavy fines plus deposit of all such funds in the national treasury! Imran Niazi had visited Iranian Embassy many times prior his implantation. He also received fundings from Kenyan Ismailis too!

Prior to 2018 elections international Zionists plotted Panama leaks to specifically target Nawaz Sharif and on international Zionists-Brahmin conspiracy Mr. Modi made uninvited trip to Pakistan to attend his grand daughter’s simple wedding ceremony at home; in which even Nawaz Sharif’s ministers were not invited. Imran and Modi knew that Modi’s trip will create a very bad image of Nawaz Sharif; who has very friendly attitude towards everyone and he will not kick out his uninvited guest!

Now, after army and courts took a decision to remain neutral; and not to take sides with any political party ‘ was a bomb shell for Imran who always thrived over such crutches! Imran labeled this neutrality as animal’s character! Imran’s powerful social media team was to become engaged in anti army and anti judiciary movement!

Simply stating Imran wants next army Chief to be the one that would manage all affairs for him in all fields including judiciary and elections. Knowing very well that his devastating ecumenic policy which literally broke the backs of the poor, people will not vote for him, he needs strong backing from military, judiciary and fraud electronic voting machines!

Imran wants a particular person to back him in all his illegal, immoral and anti constitutional activities! This gentleman has already become controversial in the eyes of vast majority of Palestinians and created I’ll feelings which is, of course neither in the interest of the armed forces, nor in the interest of Pakistan

Next army Chief must be thoroughly professional, not inclined toward any political party! He must respect and uphold the constitution and his allegiance toward his military oath that prevents him from participating in political activities!

That kind of military Chief is like depriving a fish from water! Imran wants a military Chief who will participate in political activities, subjugate constitution of Pakistan and his own military oath! This all to serve his fascist designs and making condition of poor people of Pakistan further miserable!

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