Imran Khan: From Mr. Clean to Mr. Dirtiest

Mr. Imran Khan was portrayed as Mr. Clean in the public! Millions of people thought that there was no shade of corruption attached to him. He was the center of hope for many; especially young people.

Far from truth, Imran Khan was not only not clean but quite dirty; as a matter of fact dirtiest in the history of Pakistan! The reason for his false image was his intense propaganda machinery initially funded by his foreign patrons then by his Government which was in itself a glaring corruption; using exchequer for his personal glory and defamation of his political opponents!

There is no doubt Imran speaks very well with very convincing gestures! He loudly condemns his political opponents and brand all of them as thieves and threatens them of public wrath and claims to put them behind bars! His attitude reminds many Adolf Hitler and his policies those of Hitter’s notorious minister who believes in lying so often as people may begin believing in them! Imran Khan is absolutely compulsive liar and has a sociopath personality!

He used military dictator Musharraf’s notorious National Accountability Bureau (NAB) which contrary to the very basic principle of justice holds a person guilty unless he proves himself innocent! And to prove that, may take years in imprisonment! Musharraf founded NAB to arm twist notables to force them to join his political party i.e.; Muslim League Quaid e Azam ( PML- Q or simply “Q”! Many joined either by fear of stick or by love of carrots!

Imran not only put many of his political opponents in jails without proving their crime but also deprived them even the basic needs in the jails; for example he will not let them sleep on bed or use chair for prayers! In case of Nawaz Sharif, there is strong suspicion that he even tried to kill him by some poison in his diet which markedly dropped his blood platelets to almost to a fatal level i.e,; from 150,000 to about 2000 resulting in small bleeds and minor heart attack!

Imran is known for not only his playboy past but also a shrewd gambler but also for cocaine addiction! The latter gives him hype to shout and throw indecent verbal attacks on his opponents! He even managed physical attacks on his opponents, as well attacks on National Institutes such as Pakistan Television, parliament and police stations! Several people lost their lives in these episodes!

As for as corruption is concerned he recruited the most incompetent Chief Minister of Punjab so that he can directly rule this largest province of Pakistan! He and his 3rd wife and her friend Farah Gogli created a mafia network of taking huge bribe for appointing people at their choice positions! Khan lived in 350 canal palace and spent huge amount of money on his daily arrival at Prime Minister House which was not too far from his palace!

To recruit people into his party he took the support of corrupt mafia who heavily invested in him through taking care of his every need! These people were termed his ATMs!

He not only left no stone unturned for sucking the corruption money from whatever source he could found but also took millions from foreign investors Pakistan’s arch enemies Zionists and Indians, Ismailis from Kenya! Iran also heavily invested in him! He had 49 foreign funding accounts; out of which 42 were kept secrete in total violation of the constitution and Election rules!

One of his own party member provided all the proofs of his corruption and concealment of his accounts to the Election Commission (EC); however he managed to keep postponing hearing on his trial for 7 1/2 years!

Because of his extremely poor governance, his own party members became very annoyed! Many openly refused to support him. Most of his allies also left him that resulted in a successful

no-confidence move against him!

Mr. Khan who was brought through a judicial and military coup by arranging rigging every step, is now out of power and he is trying to become another Jamal Nasir by using anti American dramas! On one hand he had literally bagged Biden to give him a call, on the other hand he is accusing USA Government for his removal!

Both army and judiciary for the first time refused to provide him crutches; so his legs are trembling! In his recent public gathering he used all sorts of tricks to show huge gatherings in cities of over millions population! At times he could not muster more than 10,000 people and at some rallies. only a handful people!

Mr. IK’s anti judiciary and anti army rhetoric began as soon he realized that he has no more support for him! These institutions left him on his feet because of almost total collapse of economy for which people were also blaming judiciary and military for implanting this most incompetent and corrupt person on their necks whose policies resulted in sky rocketing high inflation and high electricity and gas bills and very high unemployment!

He is actively seeking help of military and judiciary to provide him the crutches and let him destroy Pakistan further

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