The Truth about Ester

The most startling truth is that practicing Christians are today following the worst enemy of Jesus rather than Jesus! Encyclopedia Brittanica regards so called “Saint” Paul as the bitterest enemy of Jesus! It was Barnabas who pleaded for acceptance of Rabbi Paul while all other disciples had serious reservation about him! An act which Barnabas; the closest disciple regretted all his life!

Paul was too “smart”, his enmity toward Jesus took another dimension; a bit paradoxical one! Kill the message of Jesus by promoting his personality worship! Paul fabricated dreams promoting sins in the name of Jesus, very things that Jesus and all previous messengers were prohibiting were now kosher as Jesus has “paid for all the sins!” Jesus’s maternal cousin James is reported to have said that we suffered the most at the hands of Romans but Jesus never comes in our dreams! What Jesus was “saying” in the dreams was exactly opposite to what he preached all his life!

Paul was clever enough to give the power of blackmailing to the clergies! You have to make a confession in the ear of the clergy! The gravest sin is to take partners with the God all mighty but now Paul was preaching this under his trinity doctrine!

The people who were following Jesus’ original teachings were called Unitarians! Because of very sugary teachings of Paul and power obtained by the corrupt clergies soon followers of trinity far surpassed the followers of Unitarian doctrine! Soon the former were on killing rampage of the latter! Ahmed Thompson provides the details about this sad event in his book “Blood on the Cross”

Quran clearly and explicitly says that people who were apparently crucifying Jesus were deceived! Jesus was not crucified at all! Quran says every person of the book ( Christians and Jews) will come to know about the reality of Jesus just before their death! But of course it will be too late!

Quran does not gives details how Jesus was saved from crucification and who was the person actually crucified! However Gospel of Barbaras provides the details!

Judas Iscariot, the disciple who brought Roman police to arrest Jesus was transformed into look alike Jesus! When he came out of the room to tell the police that Jesus is not in the room so let’s look somewhere else; he did not realize that he himself the looks of Jesus, so police arrested him! He got perplexed why was he being arrested and Roman police began laughing and made him to carry the cross!

Barbaras describes that Jesus appeared and told his mother that he was not the one who was crucified and he later gathered all the believers and gave the sermon before angels lifted Jesus to the heaven! That is the reality of Ester; Jesus never crucified, never died!

Quran describes Jesus as sign of the last day meaning he will return near the last day! According to Hadith (saying of the prophet Muhamnad (PBUH) Jesus will come back in Syria and will kill antichrist who will be of Iranian origin along with his army! Antichrist will be killed at Lud. According to the Hadith Jesus will marry and have children and then die a natural death!

To think the God all Mighty the Creator and Sustainer of all the Universe and zillions of stars etc is a man eating, drinking, getting tired, falling asleep, hanging on cross in miserable condition and before that living as embryo in a woman’s womb is not only absolutely absurd, defying all the logic but also the biggest insult one can throw upon the Most High, the God far above all such nonsenses!

It is high time that all Christian’s start following true message of Jesus (PBUH) and stop following his arch enemy! As I said before the God, most caring not only saved Jesus from crucification but also saved his message and life in Quran, the absolute authentic final divine book of the God in its original language, the biggest blessing for mankind! Please do not leave this world before benefiting from this living miracle! You may read this book This will be the best thing you did to yourself for your both lives!

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