Some facts bout Qadyani cult

Introduction: To rule and control countries it was necessary for the neocolonial rulers to have the team of secret agents and puppets from the same very counties with same names, same appearance, same language and apparently similar but loyalty to the colonists and not to their nation or countries! For this purpose secret organizations were created e.g; Free Masons, Rotary Club, Lions club, Shriners etc. Also for the same purpose Several religious cults were being created for example Alvites in Syria, Donameh in Turkey, Baha’i in Iran and Qadyani cult in Pakistan!

In Turkey, for example; Donameh were inside Sabatian Jews and outside Muslims! They occupied the key positions to the extent that so called Ata Turk was Donameh and key Generals and Judges also! How they occupied such high positions that is a separate topic! Ata Turk changed Turkish language’s alphabets from Arabic to English so as to cut the roots of new generation from their history but most importantly from Quran!

The Qadyani cult was created for the same reasons! In Indian subcontinent they easily found some people to become their puppets and puppies for gaining little worldly booties. In order to smash the rebellions and freedom movements these puppets played the key role!

Qadyani and British Government: British colonists were afraid of Muslims who were motivated by Quran to stand up against foreign occupying terrorists and colonists! They found a very useful puppet Ghulam Ahmed who was good orator and had good working knowledge of Arabic. Like some Christian and other religious clergies he was a drama artist who first orchestrated to be the defender of Islam against Christian missionaries to attract Muslim masses sympathy but then gradually he himself became “Jesus” and claimed to having divine revelations! Interesting his so called revelations had many linguistic mistakes!

Qadyanis and Israel: Qadyanis were created by English Zionists who were virtually controlling British Empire! They were successful in implanting a Qadyani Zafrullah as foreign minister of Pakistan who was member of Viceroy Executive council! Gurdaspoor district which should have joined Pakistan was given to India thus providing only connection to Kashmir! In this schism Zafrullah collaborated with Pundit Nehru and British Viceroy; thus paving the way for India to occupy vast Muslim majority Kashmir! Qadyanis have center in Haifa and around 1200 Qadyanis are serving in Israeli army; both men and women!

Is Qadyani cult a minority in Muslim countries? Qadyanis are not simple minority in Pakistan! They were created by Zionists in collaboration with Pundit Nehru to enslave Pakistan and undermine its independence and interests! In Islam prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the final true messenger of Allah (the God) and Quran is the final divine book! Ghulam Ahmed began preaching teachings against clear Quranic teachings, yet claiming to be Muslims! It’s like you make a car and name it Toyota with aim to destroy Toyota; will Toyota tolerate this? Muslims have no problems with minorities! Islam gives full rights to all minorities but to believe in beliefs absolutely against Islam and have intentions to undermine Muslims and yet claim to be Muslims is not palatable and digestible!

Qadyanis and Muslim countries: Qadyanis serve the interests of anti Muslim forces not only in Pakistan but also in many other Muslim countries including Palestine, Syria, Saudi Arabia and UAE etc! They do espionage and spread lies and rumors to suit Zionist and Brahmin interests

Qadyanis and Pakistan! The British colonists appointed Qadyanis at key posts; for example at time of independence Pakistan Air Force was composed of almost 100% Qadyani pilots! Muslims were prohibited to join Air Force by British. Only notable exception as Air Marshal Noor Khan who submitted a fake certificate that he was a Qadyani as he had passed all the tests and knew he will not be selected as he was not a Qadyani! British helped Zafrullah and others to recruit and appoint more puppets and puppies

Dr. Allama Iqbal’s stand about Qadyanis! Initially Dr. Allama Iqbal, the great scholar, philosopher, poet and political activist was impressed with Ghulam Ahmad and so was his father and elderly brother! Soon they realized his fraud! Allama Iqbal was the first prominent person who demanded British Government to declare them non Muslims! Naturally this pained Pundit Nehru who wrote several letters to “ convince” Iqbal to accept them as Muslims! Of course Iqbal rebutted his requests with solid arguments that why Qadyanis can not be considered Muslims; as a matter of fact they are traitors to Islam as well as Indian subcon

Qadyanis and Pakistan! Many students and young people were lured into Qadyani cult by offers of money, positions and foreign visas! Embassies of Germany and Holland are notorious in collaborating with Qadyanis! Qadyanis occupied key positions in bureaucracy, Air Force and foreign services! They were so influential that they managed to kill hundreds of protesters who were demanding dismissal of Qadyani Zafrullah on charges of his abuse of office for converting Muslims to Qadyanus. An honorable respected Islamic scholar was given death sentence for writing a book contains arguments and proofs that there can’t be any new prophet after Muhammad (PBUH)! After Saudi Arabia’s intense pressure death sentence was converted to six year imprisonment!

Qadyanis are insignificant in numbers in Pakistan; may be less than 0.001% but they occupy key positions. Several Pakistan Chief of armies and some Chief of Air Force had been Qadyanis. In Qadyani cult fighting for British and Israel are permissible but Jihad or fighting for Islam is not allowed at all ; which is the reason for their very creation so what are they doing in Pakistan armed forces which are supposed to fight when required for Islamic Republic of Pakistan! One Qadyani General Hamid was engaged in seeing Blue films and drinking wine when Pakistani forces having tough time in 1972 war!

Qadyanis and India! Pundit Nehru did not let Qadyanis to stay in Qadyan; the place where Qadyani cult was created; saying we created you for Pakistan! India and Israel fully back Qadyanis and give them training for undermining Pakistan. Qadyanis in Government service often visit India through England where they are given Indian visa in brown envelops! Their Pakistani passport is not stamped with Indian visa for obvious reasons! Imran Khan has constructed a Qadyan- Naroval rapid transient to facilitate Qadyani movement across Pak India border! Qadyanis crossing the border from Qadyan are not required to have Pakistani visa! Imran termed this border as Kartarpur Rahdari to allude People that this was a Sikh Rahdari as Kartarpur is only about 25 miles from Qadyan! In Kartarpur there are handful pro Qadyani Sikhs who are projected for this purpose!

Qadyanis and Rabwah: In Pakistan Qadyanis have established a State within State! They are virtually ruling this place. Muslims are not allowed in any important position here. There are stories of gruesome sexual assaults and financial rackets by Qadyani high ups! If any ordinary Qadyani dares to expose these crimes or say something unpleasant to the high ups, his life is made miserable! In addition even murder of some wealthy Qadyanis was carried out just to acquire his wealth.

Qadyanis and Kashmir: Mirza Ghulam Ahmed proclaimed that he was the same Jesus who was to come back! In order to justify that he is the same Jesus; he had to declare that actual Jesus had died and his grave is in Kashmir! Therefore Kashmir had been important “promise land for Qadyanis! It was Qadyani Zafrullah who managed to give Gurdaspur to India to provide it the only link for India to Kashmir. Gurdaspur is not far away from Qadyan! 1965 Pak India war was initiated by a Pakistani Qadyani General to capture a few areas in Indian occupied Kashmir

Qadyanis and 1965 war: In this war India was supposed to get straight walk over to Lahore without a fight! India was secretly assured that no resistance will be offered and Indian General would drink wine in Lahire Gymkhana club that evening! However, for bad luck of Indians a couple of night watcher Pakistani soldiers detected Indian army movement and they started firing on offending Indian army that delayed Indian movement and halted them completely! According to Air Marshal Noor Khan there was no serious defense of Lahore in a war initiated by a Qadyani General! Had Indian army not checked, perhaps Pakistan would have dismembered all together in 1965 war according to whim and desires of Qadyanis who supported Nehru and were against very creation of Pakistan

Qadyanis and East Pakistan: M. M. Ahmed, grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed had acquired considerable power in the regimes of Ayyub Khan and Yahya Khan! He was floating the idea of separation of East Pakistan from West Pakistan! Qadyanis played key role in Fall of Dacca! On the other hand Aga Sadruddin, cousin of Aga Khan also contributed significantly by transporting British weapons to Indian created and trained Mukti Bahani by UN air planes! He was UN commissioner of Refugees! Because of this tactical support against Pakistan army no Ismaili was hurt in East Pakistan! Mukti Bahani fighters will make a U turn when they saw picture of Aga Khan in the necklace

Qadyanis in Pakistan military and civilian institutions: Qadyanis occupied key positions in Pakistan bureaucracy and military! Several Qadyanis are Secretaries and several Qadyanis had in top positions in all branches of armed forces! Several Qadyanis had been in political parties! Rehman Malik and Farhatullah Babar of PPP are known Qadyanis! Imran himself is maternal Qadyani descent and has appointed Qadyanis at key positions e.g; Governor of State Bank! Sania Nishtar if Ehsas program is saud to be a Qadyani. Gen. Karamat Jahangir, Gen Musharraf, Noman Bashir of Navy and Air Marshal Zulfiqar had been Qadyanis! Pervez Khattak, Mehmoud Chief Minister of KPK and Aftab Shrpao said to have Qadyani wives! It should be noted when a Muslim man marries to a Qadyani woman, he is converted to Qadyani cult before marriage! A prominent bureaucrat in z Musharraf regime Ejaz Raheem was a Qadyani. His wife and Aftab Sherpao’s wife are said to be Lahori Qadyanis!

Qadyanis hands behind terrorism in Pakistan: Qadyanis hand been seen in some terrorist acts in Pakistan for example an attack on a Church in Khaniwal! It was done to defame Muslims! Like Do Nameh in Turkey who were behind attacks on Armenians! Turk Muslims had nothing to do with it! A private inquiry revealed Qadyani hands behind Church attack! In islam it is absolutely forbidden to attack worship places of any religion even in war! Attacks on Pakistan Air Force at Kamrah on the eve of 27th Ramadan and attack on Naval base at Mehran had clear Qadyani hands behind it! Imran made an election alliance with a terrorist organization who simply changed his name from banned Sipah e Muhammad to Wahdat ul Muslimeen!

Qadyanis and Imran Khan: Imran’s mother was a born Qadyani as well as his several maternal uncles and cousins! He has lived all his life as a playboy and gambler! For Zionists he was a perfect choice to damage Pakistan from outside and from within! He was a perfect choice for both Zionists and Indian Brahmins! As soon as Imran was installed, an Israeli plain landed at Islamabad airport and stayed there for several hours. On his visit it Israel, Mr. Modi was introduced to a delegate of Qadyanis in Israel by Natanyahoo! They warmly greeted Modi saying that “You know well that we are with you”

Sexual corruption of Qadyanis’ high ups: When you know inside that your cult is a fraud, there is very little hindrance in committing sexual offenses against your own relatives and others! Their top leadership had been engaged in extra marital offenses and homosexuality! Imran who is maternal Qadyani descent had been involved in many such acts without any shame or remorse! Many Qadyanis seeing these dirty practices left their cult and reverted to Islam

Qadyanis financial corruption: Qadyani hierarchy was deeply immersed in deep financial corruption! They receive significant contribution from their followers! Imran has received illegal foreign funding from Israel and India as well from Kinyan Ismailis!

In summary Qadyani cult was created by British Zionists to stop Muslims to fight against British colonists and to keep Pakistan enslave even after its independence and to protect and farther Zionist interests in Muslim countries through a network of espionage! Indian Hindus saw similar interest, so they also fully supported and helped them! It is incumbent to be aware of hidden enemies within your country who camouflage under your skin!

References : 1- Ahmadiyya Movement British Jew Connections by Basir Ahmad 2- KTV official You Tube Channel 3- From Qadyanist to Islam by Mateen Khalid 4 Finality of Prophethood by Syed Abul Aala Moudoodi

An excellent book on Qadyani cult and its modus operandi in various Muslim countries
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, the British Zionist created pseudo prophet, head of Qadyani cult
Two terrorist patrons of Qadyani cult
Pro Qadyani Sikhs in Qadyan near Kartarpur
Imran Khan’s maternal grand grand father on 15th number among those who “believed” in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed
Hakeem Muhammad Saeed who exposed Imran Khan in his book and was assassinated for this
A serious question
Some supporters of Imran Khan
Imran’s Qadyani connection
Imran’s friendship with sexual traffickers
Imran’ wife and her friends engaged in mega corruption and appointments without merit
Imran’s team full of corrupts
Both incidents are linked together in sane dates but different years
Terrorism by Imran and Qadri in collaboration with Pasha
Imran, Qadri men are killing police officer Mr. Shaukat 
Imran’s wife and sister involved in mega corruption
People under Imran regime thanks to IMF and World Bank 22000 billion loans without any project

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