The Worst Captain

Imran Khan is famous for several things and has multifaceted personality. One of the reasons for his fame is cricket. Especially under his captaincy Pakistani team won one World Cup; but no, not the team ‘he’ alone won the match. His victory speech had heavy emphasis on “I” instead of we! In that tournament Pakistani did not play superb game in most matches and had it not been for an unexpected defeat of a team, Pakistani team would have not made even into semifinals! In many countries a single World Cup would not have meant much, but in Pakistan it became a very big deal! In cricket Imran pioneered “ball tempering” using the lids of Seven Up glass bottles. This helped ball to spin; a dishonest act.

Imran lived a playboy life style and had many illicit relations; the most notorious was his affair with Sita White from whom he had a daughter. When Sita pleaded him dearly to acknowledge his daughter and give his name to her, he flatly refused. A USA court later ordered a DNA test but again he did not undertake the test knowing well that she was his daughter. The court declared him father of that girl in clear verdict but the Captain never took care of his daughter; Sita White later found dead in her hotel room!

According to his own claim, he was a clever gambler and widely known for his bluffs! When his mother died, he was playing in County cricket team in England, he did not bother to attend his mother’s funeral prayers because he would have lost a few pounds! He was however shrewd to use his mother’s name to make a cancer hospital. With his fame and glamorous personality and a noble cause he was able to get huge donations; the largest portion came from late Muhammad Sharif (father of Nawaz Sharif) i.e. 50 crores Rupees of that time from his pocket that amounted to about 70% of the entire budget. The hospital turned out to be a goldmine for Imran and his sisters who made fortune from this apparently charity hospital. The hospital is one of the most expensive hospitals in Pakistan with very little free treatment to the poor (roughly about 5%). And money spent on poor patients is received back from Government’s Zakat charity fund, so all profit going directly int his hands. From this money his sister Aleema Khan bought big properties in Dubai and USA.

Imran afterwards turned into a politician. With initial failures, he made strong connections with several Pakistan & Muslims hostile forces as well with their puppies and puppets in the deep state and various institutions in Pakistan. With help of those forces Imran through massive rigging came into power. He concealed 41 foreign funding accounts. His “donors” in his election were Israelis, Indians and Kenyan Ismailis. Imran also frequently visited Iranian embassy.

He made court baseless cases against his political opponents as well against some of his own party-men. For this purpose he blackmailed judges and Chairman NAB (National Accountability Bureau); an institute of political maneuvering set up by dictator Musharraf). He preferred incompetent persons at key positions through whom he could get lot of kickbacks! His wife and her friends and her ex husband family made fortune through illegal, out of merit appointments at key positions in Punjab. Imran also racist tactics of using physical violence to intimidate his opponents. His man tried to murder Ahsan Iqbal; minister of interior in Nawaz Sharif Government! He arranged terrorist attacks on Parliament, PTV, PM House and police stations with the help of Gen. Pasha and a corrupt Western funded clergy Tahirul Qadri from Canada.

Imran obtained loans on interest from wherever he could. As a result he got in his 3.5 years 67% of the loans in 70 years. All this without any significant project. He handed over State Bank to IMF completely. He used to claim that it is better to commit suicide than to go to IMF. But he virtually sold Pakistan to IMF.

As result of IMF cruel policies, inflation sky rocketed. His own party’s members of National Assembly got disillusioned and lost confidence in him. “How will we face the people in our constituency when they will ask us what we had done for them, expect very high inflation, very high utilities bills and loss of employment?” complained members of national and provincial assemblies. Several of his allies left him and some of his party’s members decided to bring a vote of no confidence against him in a pure democratic way. After seeing his clear defeat, the dishonest Captain Played another drama and this time of “Anti Americanism and anti West”. His Deputy Speakers stopped the counting on no confidence move in National and Punjab assembly saying that members of the assemblies voting against Imran are traitors as they were acting on dictation of USA Government. Of course such severe allegation was never brought to any court and remained unsubstantiated!

Imran had realized his immense non-popularity, so as part of American Wrestling Match style he first visited Russia just one day before her invasion into Ukraine and then refused to condemn the brutal attack giving verbal attacks on European countries and USA. This was similar to what late Jamal Nasir of Egypt used to do. When CIA documents became public after 25 years; it was revealed that his anti American speeches were actually written by CIA to keep him popular to use him for American interests at the expense of Egyptian’s. While Pakistan always bring world attention to grave Indian atrocities in Kashmir, it was puzzling not to condemn victims of such atrocities in Ukraine.

To substantiate his claim he displayed a sham letter as a proof that America has threatened Pakistan and because of that threat assemblies were voting against him on USA dictation. Although USA has denied that charge many times and there is no proof of any such letter but he kept playing that song. The letter turned out to be a no more than a routine diplomatic correspondence from ambassador in USA mentioning Pakistan’s policy on Ukraine, nothing to do with no confidence move. His Deputy Speakers stopped the counting on no confidence move in National and Punjab assembly saying that members of the assemblies voting against Imran are traitors as they were doing so on USA Government dictation!

His actions reality seriously violated the constitution of Pakistan that carries death sentence. Imran right now is extremely unpopular among Pakistanis and he knows that fact very well. He is therefore trying to rig future elections through Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), though there are only about 1200 votes in each poling station which can be easily hand accounted in less than 30 minutes without requirement of any machine. In the last elections, he with cooperation of dishonest election commission, election secretary and institutions, was able to remove polling agents of most candidates from most polling stations as well as removing or covering security cameras and banning of mobile phones so not to take pictures of rigging; all of which greatly facilitated rigging and cheating.

At times Captain’s hallucinations and illusions are reflected in his claims that Germany & Japan are neighboring countries, the train travels faster than speed of light and there are 12 seasons in a years. Some medical experts and psychiatrist refer to his threatening and abusive language to his chronic drug addiction. Not only captain is very abusive but also his social media team paid by national exchequer. The Captain used to say that in life he never accepted defeat and he will play till the last ball! People thought he is referring to his utmost try and hard-work but they were entirely wrong. It actually meant not accepting the defeat even after loosing the game;

To sum up, Imran’s personality is made up of utmost hypocrisy, chronic drug addiction, compulsive lying, sociopath behavior, absolute dishonesty, habitual bagging, deception, total incompetency and mega corruption. He himself proved that he is indeed is the worst captain!

Imran’s link to Qadyani cult created by English Zionists. 0n 15th # Munshi Gohar Ali is Imran’s maternal grand grand father
An excellent book on Qadyanis
Ghulam Ahmad, a Zionist puppet was created as a (pseudo) prophet by English rulers to move Muslims away from Quran and struggle against British Colonist! Imran’s maternal ancestors belong to this cult
Imran’ wife’s corruption circle! Heavy bribes for different posts

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