Imran Niazi is the biggest hypocrite

Imran Niazi is the biggest hypocrite of Pakistan history. All characteristics of hypocrisy as described in Quran (Surah Al-Baqrah 2nd Ruku) and Surah al-Munafiqoon as well as in Sahih Ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ all fit upon Imran Niazi. Imran Niazi is Qadyani decent and Qadyani cult was created by English Zionists to keep Muslims of sub continent and in other places slave of Zionists. Ancestors of fake prophet Ghulam Ahmad were in very good book of English colonists! They participated in killing of Muslim freedom fighters. Sir Zafrullah did not even offer Namaz e Jinazah of Qaid e Azam Zafrullah and M. M. Ahmad (grandson of Ghulam Ahmad) played key role in giving Gurdaspoor to India and hence Kashmir to India. Imran also made Qadyan- Norawal Rahdari in the disguise of Kartarpor Rahdari (Qadyan is only 30 miles from Qadyani. State Bank is handed over a Qadyani IMF employee with a Jewish Iranian wife! Imran sold Kashmir to Modi. Imran Niazi and his collaborators must be punished on treason and separately on pseudo letter!

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