Pakistan’s losses of its territory and independent states to India

Since independence Pakistan had lost;

1. Indian Occupied Kashmir

2. Juna Gar

3. Hyderabad Dakkan as independent princely state

4. Parts of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit

◦ Pakistan army’s some top generals who are notorious for implanting their puppets and puppies on the nation on behest of their Zionist masters don’t want to remember their shameful defeats and causes of those defeats! Hamoodur Rehman reports was concealed! Gross negligence and betrayal in 1965 war on Lahore border is forgotten! Public is made fool. Air Marshal Noor Khan in Dawn newspaper on 7th September clearly highlighted the gross negligence and betrayal of Moosa Khan and associates in 1965 war on Lahore border!

Musharraf through his I’ll planing and perhaps part of schism made thousands of brave Pakistani soldiers killed in Kargil war which he initiated without permission of Nawaz Sharif, then Prime Minister! Towards the end there was no food and no bullets with Pakistan army and above all no air defence which gave Indian Air Force to kill brave and best Pakistan soldiers like sitting ducks!

Instead of court martial of Musharraf, Musharraf overthrew the elected Prime Minister and Elected Government when Prime Minister tried to remove him as army chief!

Imran Khan Niazi supported Musharraf’s fake referendum and later he and his minister of law saved Musharraf from his due and legitimate punishment by Peshawar High Court!

Our termites in military protected Musharraf by admitting him to military cardiac hospital in Rawalpindi

Pakistan has lost many areas after independence including East Pakistan, Hyderabad Dakkan as an independent princely state, Indian occupied Kashmir, Juna Gar, portions of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit thanks to our termite I’ll character generals who have Zionist chains in their necks and feet and their thrown away bones in their filthy mouths.

Musharraf was not even ready to accept the bodies of Col. Sher Khan and Sobaidar Lalik Jan! When Indian military showed their Pakistani Military IDs, he reluctantly accepted and later to his his own crime and incompetency even awarded them Nishan e Haider!

Imran’s cabinet is full of Musharraf’s ministers including Zubaida Jalal (a Zikri non Muslim) and several Qadyanis; a cult created by English Zionists to prevent Muslims to fight against British and to rule Pakistan in disguise of “Muslims”!

Musharraf and Imran Niazi had strong Qadyani bonds and so is Karamat Jahangir! PPP and MQM are also in Qadyani clutches! Those who do not have Qadyani links, they have Zionist Free Masons, Lion’s and Rotary Club chains!

In order to solve all our problems including there is only one solution I.e., to hold Quran e majeed firmly and jointly and be not divided!

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